QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly

What to do if QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly?

QuickBooks migration is essential for moving technology and upgrading to new computers. The migration process involves the risk of important data the business cannot afford to lose. So to make the migration process smooth, we need to know the right ways to do it. Whether shifting to a new computer or migrating to QuickBooks online, data migration is crucial for both. Some users face the “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly” error while shifting the QuickBooks data to a new system. The users might also panic after seeing the error, but we will elaborate on all the aspects of migration in this blog. So, the users need not worry about the data risk. We will also discuss the fixes for the failed migration error.

You can ring us on 1.855.738.2784 for queries about the “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly” error. We have a team of QB experts with a technical nag in dealing with these errors. They can guide and assist you with the best possible solutions.

Understand the causes behind the QuickBooks data migration failed error

  1. If you transfer any of the files using the QuickBooks data migration tool, you could experience a migration error.
  2. The files related to QuickBooks migration might be damaged and could lead to an error.
  3. Please check if your system meets the requirements to run the QuickBooks migration tool. You could experience a migration error in QuickBooks if it does not meet the requirement.
  4. Working on outdated QuickBooks or Windows versions could also cause migration errors in QuickBooks.

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What files cannot be migrated when utilizing the QuickBooks migration tool

  1. Multi-use setup
  2. Backup files
  3. System configuration file
  4. Intuit Data protect
  5. US multi-currency files

Some solutions to fix the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error

Below we are listing a few solutions for you that will help you in treating the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error. You can follow these solutions step by step.

Solution 1: Move the data folder for QuickBooks

  1. To relocate a company file, open it.
  2. The window with the product information will now appear when you hit Ctrl+1 or F2.
  3. For the location on the hard drive of the company file. Review the file’s description section.
  4. Open the Windows start menu at this point.
  5. Open file explorer.
  6. Find a folder containing a company file, right-click it, and copy it.
  7. Create a new folder on the hard disc.
  8. Click on paste.
  9. You currently hold a copy of the whole folder. You can relocate anywhere on your hard disc or to a different location.
  10. Remember to tap on open or restore an existing company after opening QuickBooks.
  11. Browse the copied folder now to access it.

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Solution 2: Restore the company file

  1. Install QuickBooks on the new pc.
  2. Now open QuickBooks on the old system.
  3. Move to the single-user mode in the file menu.
  4. Select the company backup option in the file menu.
  5. Click on the create local backup option.
  6. Opt for the location where the backup files will be saved.
  7. Tap on okay and then save.
  8. Now hit on finish.
  9. Now copy and paste these backup files onto the new pc.
  10. Run your QuickBooks on a new system.
  11. Go to the file menu and click the option to restore the backup file.
  12. Let the process complete.

Solution 3: Take the help of Intuit Data protect

  1. Sign into your Intuit data protection on the new system where you want the data to be migrated.
  2. Open QuickBooks and click on the file tab.
  3. Tap on the backup company option.
  4. Now choose the set up online backup option or activate online backup.
  5. Choose the company file in QB and then click on the continue option.
  6. Ensure to mark the option beside “backing up local copies of selected documents.”

You can refer to the other solutions below if you are still struggling with the QuickBooks migration error. Try implementing the solutions simultaneously on your system, so you do not miss any steps.

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Solution 4: Update QuickBooks

  1. Run your QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Click on the help tab and select the option to update QuickBooks desktop.
  3. Select the update now option.
  4. Finally, tap on the get updates option.

Solution 5: Transfer QuickBooks files

  1. Navigate to the folder containing QB company files.
  2. Right-click on these files.
    Printer settings
    Cash flow projector
    Financial statement designer
    QB letters
    QB templates
  3. Ensure to copy these files.
  4. Now paste these files to some other location.

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Solution 6: Run the QB Migration tool in the compatibility mode

  1. Look for the .exe file of the QuickBooks migration tool and right-click on it.
  2. Hit on properties now.
  3. Move to the compatibility tab and then ensure to mark the “run this program in compatibility mode” option.
  4. Attempt to migrate your QuickBooks data to ensure that QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error has been fixed.

Solution 7: Update the Operating system

  1. Head to the taskbar and click on the start button.
  2. Enter in update and then tap on the Windows update icon.
  3. Select the option check for updates.
  4. Check if any updates are available. If yes, then download them.
  5. Restart your system and allow the automatic installation of these updates.
  6. Once done, run the migration tool and check if the error is still popping up.

We hope the solutions mentioned above have helped you in treating the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error. Please remember to always back up your file before starting the migration process. Taking backup will prevent your data from any data loss. To backup your company files, you can follow the below steps:

Backup your company file

  1. If you use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, don’t forget to switch to single-user mode.
  2. Heading forward, move to the file menu and select “create a backup” from there.
  3. Choose a local backup.
  4. Now click next.
  5. Select browse in the local backup only.
  6. Choose a location now to store the backup company file.
  7. Hit “okay,” then hit “save now” and ” next.”
  8. When the backup is finished, a confirmation message will appear.

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Learn to migrate the data using the QuickBooks data migration tool

The QuickBooks data migration tool is essential for the migration process and makes it easier for you to migrate the data. The migration can be done anyways. You can do it manually or with the help of a migration tool. With the migration tool, you can make your job easier by transferring the data without wasting time. A migration tool is a tool that will smoothly process and transfer your data from one system to another.

Understand the requirements of the QuickBooks migration tool

  1. Ensure both the systems are connected to the network and have internet access to use the QuickBooks migration tool smoothly.
  2. Your USB flash drive should have enough space so that there is no problem while retrieving the data.

Set up the QuickBooks migration tool

  1. Login with your admin password in QuickBooks.
  2. Ensure to allow access so that you can easily copy the data in your system.
  3. Please navigate to the migration tool and tap on it.
  4. It will ask you for the password; enter the admin password in it.
  5. Once the tool has opened up, click on the start or run button.
  6. The migration tool will start working.
  7. Once it has completely transferred the data, it will remain similar to it was before.

How to migrate to QuickBooks online?

You can easily migrate to QuickBooks online by following the below steps.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise QuickBooks

  1. Once more, log into the QuickBooks company file you need to import as admin.
  2. When you press F2, product details will appear.
  3. Now press Ctrl + B + Q, followed by okay, and it will finally show the last page.
  4. If you wish to track inventory, choose yes or no.
  5. You will receive an email as soon as the conversion is complete.
  6. Click “Complete your setup.”
  7. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account right now.
  8. Open the company file that you wish to.

QuickBooks desktop pro or premier

  1. To import a QuickBooks company file, sign in as the administrator.
  2. Select Export Company File to QB Online from the company menu.
  3. Select “get started.”
  4. Next, select the desired location and log into your QB Online account.

How can you manually do QuickBooks data migration?

You can efficiently perform QuickBooks data migration manually too. However, it is not a highly complex process. Below are the steps to transfer your QuickBooks data from your older pc to your new one.
  1. Create a QuickBooks backup on the old computer.
  2. Uninstall QuickBooks from your old pc.
  3. Head to the new pc and install QuickBooks on it.
  4. Restore the QuickBooks backup in your new pc, which you created on the older pc.

Summing it up here!

We have come to the end section of our blog, and we hope you have successfully eliminated the “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly” by now. If you are still stuck with this error on your screen, please call us directly on 1.855.738.2784. We have a team of QuickBooks professionals with a technical nag of dealing with QB errors. They can guide you with the best solutions to eliminate the error immediately.

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