QuickBooks Error 6000 83

Quickly Resolve Your QuickBooks Error 6000 83!

Over the past few decades, the accounting software QuickBooks has gained indecipherable popularity. Agree? Across the world, users prefer to leverage this effective software due to its offered features and capabilities. Businesses use this accounting program to maintain their vast and vital financial records. Well, where there are perks of technology, there can be glitches too. QuickBooks error 6000 83 is one of those glitches. This article will discuss the error and its suitable troubleshooting methods.

A user can face this error while accessing their company files. The error may also trouble if the users are opening or restoring their files with incorrect file names or corrupted files. These errors can eventually deter your business’s financial growth and overall productivity. Therefore, we have compiled a few quick solutions to fix such errors. Let’s continue!

Find the instant troubleshooting solutions in this article to fix your QuickBooks error 6000 83! In case you cannot solve it on your own, get in touch with our technical team at 1.855.738.2784 today.

How Can You Recognize QuickBooks Error 6000 83?

You might see QuickBooks error 6000 83 while opening, restoring, or backing up your company file. The glitch can upset you if you access a corrupted or incorrectly named file. The error is also known as a “company file error” and can be activated by a misconfiguration in the hosting settings, backup files, or damaged company files.

You may see the error message on your screen: “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Intuit Technical Support and provide them with the following error codes: (-6000, -83)” or “You do not have sufficient permissions to the specified folder. To use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, you need read/write access and create/delete rights to the folder where the company file is stored.” The error messages in the 6000 series are annoying, and users find them hard to deal with and time-consuming.

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What Makes QuickBooks Error 6000 83 Occur?

QuickBooks software is susceptible to specific bugs and errors, such as error 6000 83. Enlisted are the most common causes for the error found in the user’s device.

  1. Incorrectly name backup files, such as with any special characters.
  2. When your hosting settings are poorly set up.
  3. Keeping your company file or its backup on an external network or drive.
  4. If you are not operating QuickBooks software as an administrator but as a regular user.
  5. Corrupted or damaged QB support files can trigger the error.
  6. An erroneous extension is connected to the file’s name.
  7. If your QuickBooks is unfit to set a connection with the server computer.

Signs Not To Overlook For QuickBooks Error 6000 83

The below-mentioned signs can help you pinpoint the QuickBooks error 6000 83 on your device program.

  • The automatic appearance of QuickBooks error code on the screen while crashing the active window program.
  • Continuous displaying of the error message on the screen.
  • Periodic freezing of your system or QuickBooks desktop.
  • If your Windows operating system runs slowly and does not answer the keyboard or mouse inputs.

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Potential Cases With QuickBooks Error 6000 83

Here are some of the common and potential situations where you may face QuickBooks error 6000 83. We have also mentioned the possible instant troubleshooting methods to help you in such annoying cases.

Case 1: While Creating Your Company File’s Backup

If you face this error while creating your company file, follow the enlisted steps to rectify the error.

  1. Go to the File menu and choose Quit QuickBooks Desktop to close it on your server computer that hosts your company file.
  2. Open the Windows Start menu and type “File Explorer” into the search bar, and select File Explorer to open.
  3. From the navigation bar, select “My Computer,” which is sometimes known as ” This PC.”
  4. Now choose and open your C: drive.
  5. To create a new file folder, right-click on the screen, choose New, and then select Folder.
  6. Simply name the folder, like “QuickBooks Test Folder.”
  7. By following these steps, create your backup company file. Save this file to the folder you just created on C: drive.
  8. Using the new backup, restore your company file.

Start using your backup as your primary company file instead of the old one if you don’t see the QuickBooks error 6000 83 anymore.

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Case 2: While Keeping Your Company File On a Windows Server

These solutions can rectify your issue if you face an error while saving your QuickBooks company file on the Windows server.

Solution 1 – By turning off hosting on your workstations

  1. First, open QuickBooks on any workstation.
  2. Instead of opening your company file, select the file menu to glide over Utilities.
  3. Do not select “Host Multi-User Access” in case you see it. Just proceed to the next workstation.
  4. If you see the “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access ” option, select it and repeat the steps on the rest of your workstations.

There are more solutions if you still encounter the error.

Solution 2 – Using QuickBooks File Doctor

Download the File Doctor. Use it to scan your QuickBooks company file. It will fix the issues wherever it finds them.

Solution 3 – By Editing Your Windows Hosts File

You can test your network to check whether it is causing the error or not. Go to any of your workstations, and edit your Windows hosts file.

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Case 3: Error While Restoring Your Company File

If this case happens to you while restoring your QuickBooks company file, you must follow these steps to rectify the issue.

Solution 1 – Check the name of your backup file.

  • Open your Windows Start menu.
  • Search for “File Explorer” in the search bar, select it, and then open it.
  • Now find and open the folder with your company backup file.
  • Select Rename by right-clicking the file with .qbb at the end of the file name.
  • It will be your company backup file, also known as a QBB file.
  • If there are any special characters, spaces, or symbols in the filename, remove them.
  • Now right-click the folder holding the QBB file and choose Rename.
  • Restore your company file by following the steps.

If the solution doesn’t work, try the second solution.

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Solution 2 – Creating a portable company file.

When you can’t restore your QBB file, go back to and open the QB company file from which you created the backup. After this, use the portable company file to restore your QB company file.

Still facing an error? Try the third solution!

Solution 3 – Restoring the backup file from your local hard drive.

It’s better to move your local hard drive if your backup company file is currently on the server. This local hard drive is usually your C: drive. Now restore your company file, and move your company file back to the server after you fix the error.

The Final Words!

QuickBooks accounting software is an effective tool if used and operated properly. Also, the errors and glitches, such as QuickBooks error 6000 83, may hamper your QuickBooks activities, but if rectified on time with the solutions mentioned above, your business productivity will be fine and free of troubles. If the errors still need to be solved, feel free to contact our professional team at 1.855.738.2784. We are here to aid you with our expert technical support and assistance.

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