Apple just concludes its “Hi, Speed” event. it finally took the wrap off the four new iPhone 12 phones which have all-new designs and features. And can all support 5G wireless networks. Apple also discloses the HomePod mini, a smaller and cheaper version of the HomePod speaker.


The next generation is here. The start of a replacement era for iPhone, introducing the iPhone 12. iPhone 12 designed with 5g in mind with Its smooth flat edges with unique uniform construction inside and out. The design looks amazing in five stunning new colors black, white red, green, and a stunning blue.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12

iPhone 12 features a similar great 6.1-inch display size as iPhone 11, yet they reduce the display borders to make a much smaller iPhone. In comparison with iPhone 11, iPhone 12 is:

  • 11% thinner
  • 15% smaller in volume
  • 16% lighter

They developed a replacement chip bionic the fastest chip ever for a smartphone. iPhone 12 has two rear cameras in powerful software to deliver the new dual-camera system of iPhone 12. And both of the cameras will now support night mode. It’s an ultra-wide camera that people love and use to require inspiring photos in creative ways.

It features a wide camera with an f 1.6 aperture fastest yet. This enables more light to hit the sensor making every photo better alongside the broader aperture they developed. Their first seven-element lens to take care of sharp detail in your image from edge to edge. This provides a 27 improvement in low light so, photos and videos will have less noise and brighter results.

You’ll preorder the iPhone 12 on October 16th, for $829 before its October 23rd release.


iPhone 12 mini with its super surprising size fits in the palm of your hand. While still keeping the extensive edge to edge super retina xdr display smaller and lighter than 4.7-inch models like iPhone 8.

However, with a bigger 5.4-inch display that allows you to see such a lot more with its compact size. The iPhone 12 mini has the precise same features as iPhone 12. You’re just choosing between two great sizes. Actually, the iPhone 12 mini is the smallest thinnest, and lightest 5g phone in the world.

With its large screen and compact size. This may be an incredibly popular iPhone, everything on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini is that the latest 5g the fastest chip with a14 bionic most advanced display with OLED. All-new design with better water resistance and new cameras for low light and MagSafe.

It’ll release on November 13th and you can order it on November 6th for $729.


This includes a durable and delightful surgical grade chrome steel band and precision milled back glass. They are available in four new finishes including a chic silver, upscale deep graphite, a shocking gold, and an all-new stunning blue.


Apple announced a replacement Max-size iPhone; it is designed for the users who want absolutely the most from their iPhone it takes new design even further with premium materials. Moreover, its 6.7-inch screen is the biggest on an iPhone yet. These models have best in mud resistance with an ip68 rating in order that, they can withstand submersion at up to six meters for a half-hour. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has three back cameras that provide a 5X optical zoom range, a LIDAR sensor for things like improved augmented reality apps, faster autofocus, and a chrome steel outer band.

It’ll be available to preorder on November 6th for $1,099 and can launch on November 13th.

Apple is additionally launching a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro, which can cost $999 and can be available for preorder on October 16th before an October 23rd release date.


Homepod Mini enclosed in a beautiful seamless mesh fabric, that does not only look great. But was also created specifically for its acoustic performance. On top of homepod mini may be a backlit touch surface that gives controls for volume play, pause, and even illuminates once you invoke Siri. It Delivers high output while keeping distortion to a minimum and develops a pair of high-excursion force-canceling passive radiators that enable amazing bass response.

Apple also crafted an acoustic waveguide to deliver a uniform 360 degrees sound experience enabling you to put homepod mini anywhere so as to urge truly big sound out of this compact design. They combined it with the powerful apple s5 chip and advanced software, which altogether enables something we call computational audio. Homepod mini explores the unique characteristics of the music. Applying difficult tuning models to optimize loudness, adjust the dynamic range, and control the motion of the driving force, and passive radiators in real-time. And this happens over 180 times a second. Multiple homepod mini speakers play excellently in sync across your entire house. That’s great for entertaining or maintaining together with your favorite podcast as you get stuff done. Once you place two within the same room. They’ll intelligently become a stereo pair filling your space with rich enveloping sound.

Homepod mini can understand with high precision when your iPhone nearby brings iPhone on the brink of homepod mini. And you will get visual audible and haptic effects so it seems like your devices are physically connected as the music flows from one to the opposite. It comes in both white and space gray.

The HomePod mini is going to be available from November 16th for just $99, and you’ll preorder it from November 6th.