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Does Air in the Tyre Really Matter?

We are going to discuss a mechanism related to tyres which often get uprooted without even coming to notice. Tyres seem to be a very basic component of a car or any vehicle. However, the mechanical systems connected to them are very complex and something to take care of. Therefore, here we present information about the air pressure inside the tyres.

Why Care About Tyre Inflation at All?

The foremost consequence of using under-inflated tyres is poor handling. If the handling of the vehicle is poor, then automatically, it becomes hostile to everyone around. Moreover, using cheap tyres Kidderminster can also lead to many other problems. Such as reduced life of the tyre, decreased fuel economy, and tyre wear.
Let us take a closer look at the identification of this problem, cases that may arise and solutions to them.

What Is the Description and Consequence of an Under-Inflated Tyre?


When the tyres become under-inflated, more surface area of it comes into contact with the road. Now, since there are different types of terrains we drive on, the outer part of the tyre starts to wear. When we talk about this outer section of the tyre, it is commonly known as the tyre’s shoulder.
It is often seen that tyres lose air pressure gradually and not at once. Thus, resulting in the under-inflation of the tyres. Talking about the numbers, on average, tyres lose up to two pounds of air in a month. So, wearing off of the tyre shoulder is how we can describe an under-inflated tyre.


Vehicle maintenance is necessary if you wish to prolong its life and performance. Tyre pressure checks are available at all gas stations and garages. But still, many motorists keep on avoiding it. Using the under-inflated tyres poses a huge risk to the safety of the drivers and others around.
Apart from the safety concern, it also generates recurring expenses. Once the tyre becomes under-inflated, its tread wears off, the fuel consumption of the vehicle increases and many other things happen. It also adds to the cost of purchasing a new tyre because the old one becomes unrepairable.
Due to poor fuel economy, a lot of gasoline gets wasted. This not only increases the amount spent on fuel but also harms the environment. In addition to that, the risk of a tyre blowout increases by four times. Therefore, it becomes crucial to understand what might go wrong just because of a minor issue.

How Do Identify an Over-Inflated Tyre and What Can Be Its Consequence?


It is a common behaviour of taking a little amount of surplus in everything. However, in the case of tyres, it does not happen this way. It is necessary to maintain only the prescribed amount of air pressure in the tyres. So, when there is more than the required air pressure in the tyres, we consider them as over-inflated.
In such an event, the tyres become bulged creating a narrow band in the centre of the tyre’s surface. It is this bulged area that makes contact with the road, keeping the outer area off the ground. Hence, increasing the weight pressure on a reduced surface area. This further leads to rapid wearing of the tyre’s tread. In the language of car mechanics, it is mainly known as centre wear.


A lot of motorists become tempted by the idea of making their tyres over-inflated. This aids them in adjusting better to their local road conditions. These tyres offer improved handling of the vehicle even when the suspension becomes soggy. Thus making them more vulnerable to getting punctured easily.
The mere thought of avoiding correction of tyre over-inflation is very wrong. A generic perception formed is that tyre pressure will eventually get corrected. However, this does not happen, instead, tyres become more damaged. In addition to that, their braking distance increases and traction also reduces.
The wear and tear of the tyre happen mainly from the centre part. This is because the contact of the road is with the tyre’s central part only. Therefore, sooner or later the need to purchase another Continental tyres Kidderminster will come up. So, getting them corrected would be a wiser choice to make.


It is not easy to identify what is exactly the correct amount of air pressure required for the tyres. With each different model of the tyre (Continental Tyres Kidderminster), it keeps on changing. This may sound weird but the fact is one should not go with the manufacturer’s specifications. Instead, motorists should go as per the code mentioned over the tyre’s sidewall. As per our recommendation, always get your Continental Tyres Kidderminster pressure checked to enjoy a safe and sound drive.