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Are You in the Market for Some Winter Tyres for Your Car?

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Winter tyres feature a special structure that shortens the braking time on ice and slush. This makes them ideal for driving in these conditions. When the weather drops by a substantial amount, it is very important to ensure that your vehicle has the appropriate pair of winter tyres. Come see us if you’re looking for winter tyres of the best standard. We have excellent prices on all of the most famous winter tyres from the most well-known manufacturers. In addition, the prices that we offer for our tyre-fitting services are fair. We can assist you in reducing the cost of your periodic tyre rotation by quite a little. We also offer Mobile Tyre Fitting Andover.
You may get winter tyres through us via our website. In the tyre-finding area, you may submit your vehicle’s registration specifics or information on the dimensions of your tyres. After that, contact us by phone to arrange for Mobile Tyre Fitting Andover. Receive service that is completely hassle-free for even more of your comfort.

Characteristics That Set Winter Tyres Apart From Summer Tyres

Are you curious about the characteristics that set apart winter tyres from other types of tyre designs?
Examine the capabilities that it has.

Composition of Flexible Rubber

The rubber composition in winter tyres for cars is more flexible. This core component contains silica. It contains a significant amount of genuine rubber. Because of the one-of-a-kind substance in the tyre, regardless of the weather drops to dangerously low levels, the tyre will not become rigid. It offers a level of steering steadiness that is exceptional.

An Elevation in the Tread Thickness

Winter tyres often feature a more aggressive tread pattern and a higher sipe thickness. These tyres additionally have shoulder barriers that are a good deal wider than average. On snow-covered terrain, its cutting-edge tread design offers outstanding aquaplaning resilience in addition to excellent gripping ability.

The Inventory of Our Winter Tyres

We offer customers a diverse selection of winter vehicle tyre manufacturers that accommodates a variety of prices.
You may save a lot of money by purchasing these tyre manufacturers’ most popular models, which are all available to you here. You may rely on our specialists for support during the whole process. They will make certain that you select the winter car tyres that are the greatest ideal match for your vehicle while remaining within your financial constraints.
Please give us a call as soon as possible for reservations or other details.

Are You Seeking Information on the Size of the Tyres on Your Vehicle?

On the surface of car tyres is a crucial alphanumeric code denoting tyre size. Recognizing the size of the tyre is of the utmost significance. This is because it assists in selecting the appropriate kind of tyres to go together with a certain automobile. Do you need to replace the tyres on your automobile and are searching for a new pair? You must have a comprehensive understanding of these unique regulations. You are welcome to get in touch with our highly knowledgeable professionals to get comprehensive advice about the size of your tyres.

We Are a Trustworthy Source for Automotive Tyres.

Our inventory features many popular models from well-known manufacturers. The members of our staff will supply you with an in-depth reference that will explain how to select the appropriate tyres for your car depending on the dimensions of the tyres that it already has.

Do you find that the complicated alpha-numeric tyre measurement code is hard to grasp? You are welcome to stop by our facility whenever it’s convenient for you. We answer any questions that our customers may have about the size of their tyres thanks to the fact that we are a reputable supplier of automobile tyres. We will also assist you in selecting tyres of the appropriate size. Our employees will guarantee that you can enjoy safely managing a vehicle.
On the other hand, if you wish to purchase your tyres digitally, you may make use of the example of tyre sizes that we provide you beneath.

A Detailed Explanation of the Various Tyre Sizes

Let’s take tyre size code 205/65 R16 95V.
  • The number 205 refers to the breadth of the tyre in mm.
  • This tyre has an aspect ratio, or surface length, of 65. The percentage refers to the tyre width.
  • The character R in the tyre code indicates that it is of radial design.
  • 16 represents the size of the rim.
The load capacity that this specific design can support is 1521 pounds, which corresponds to a tyre load index of 95. Each kind of automobile tyre has a unique load index rating. You need to make your decision based on what the supplier suggests.
V denotes the velocity index. It indicates that the highest allowable speed for this kind of tyre is 149 miles per hour. The speed rating of a vehicle’s tyres is another factor that might change. If you need more relevant details, you should consult the label that came with your vehicle’s tyres.
You won’t have any trouble following these instructions when you purchase automobile tyres via our website. When selecting a tyre type for your car, although, you should always consult the advice of an experienced professional. Any time that we are open for business, you are welcome to come to our location and speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.
Do you require any additional help in making your selection of automobile tyres? Get in touch with us. Our helpful and knowledgeable professionals are standing by to provide assistance and guidance. In addition, if you purchase tyres from us, we will install them for you. We can additionally provide you with Mobile Tyre Fitting Andover