9 features of quality blog content

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Everyone in the internet marketing industry talks about quality content. Below I will show you 9 features of quality content.

But what exactly does this concept mean? Let’s see how you can create quality content by implementing certain things.

1. Create practical content that covers a topic in-depth

As soon as you have chosen the topic you want to write about, it is time to document yourself well.

Here are the features of a content that covers a topic in-depth:

· Specific

The information is very objective. Avoid approaching general terms and advice. Practical ideas are presented, abstracting from other concepts that are not important.

· Step by step

The best way to present the information methodically is the step-by-step one. Visitors are more likely to read your article when you relate all the steps in order because the information becomes easier to assimilate.

· Completely

By “complete,” I mean to provide all the essential information from A to Z in that subject.

2. Create an introduction that will grab the attention of visitors

Did you know how much impact the introduction has? Imagine that most people who enter a page of your site read the introduction.

Probably not everyone will stay to watch the article until the end. Therefore, making a good introduction will increase visitors’ chances of staying until the end.

Tips for designing a good introduction:

  • keep the sentences short
  • make sure that in the introduction, you have emphasized exactly what is needed

3. Divide the material into main ideas or subtitles

A post will be easier to understand when it is structured into subtitles or main ideas.

You can always start an article by outlining some essential ideas. Thus, through this habit, you will always be able to organize the information better. I always use subtitles in my articles. I kept this habit because it makes the entire content scannable.

4. Keep the paragraphs short

You may not remember those high school novels, but many of them were composed of paragraphs that sometimes spanned half a page. In marketing, this approach does not work. Did you notice how the ad text is composed?

There are many simple and effective sentences. Many of the headlines written in advertising texts have this feature. We want to implement the same thing on our blog.

5. Mention reliable sources in articles

When posting statistics, or certain percentages, it is best to refer to a trusted source. By this, I recommend you to put a link to that source.

A reference must accompany any statistical information published on the blog. Otherwise, people will wonder where you got those numbers and statistics from. They should not be made out of inaccurate estimates. Of course, there are exceptions. Once you have personally tested certain things, you can present them in the form of statistics or infographics. Also, add images or screenshots to increase your confidence.

6. Post longer articles (helps increase SERPs)

I know it’s more work, but readers and Google much more appreciate information-rich articles.

Applying this advice will increase your traffic for the following reasons:

· A more comprehensive article will contain more phrases and a greater variety of words, which will bring more traffic after various searches

You may not know it, but many different search terms do not appear in Keyword Planner. These, even if they have a minimum number of searches, are at the same time very numerous and diverse.

The strategy is not to target all of these terms. Just write more consistently, and always include variations of your keywords, so you’ll have a better chance of getting more traffic.

· A longer article will cause people to spend more time on the site

When the time on the page index increases, a clear signal is sent to the search engine.

He can see that people are spending more time on your pages. Because of this, Google thinks that page is precious and gives it a boost in the rankings. Regardless of what Google thinks or how it interprets the results, you will directly impact your readers.

When they see that you are providing more information, they will gain more confidence in you and choose to follow your site instead of following other sites.

7. Choose a strong title that represents the article well

The title should never be left to chance. It is chosen very carefully, and there are even WordPress plugins that can help you design better titles. Moreover, we have found online tools that measure how powerful a title is.

Now, I’m not a fan of these tools, and I did not study them in detail, but many have a pretty good rating. These WordPress modules test various titles, and by comparison, I can tell you in percentages that it has accumulated more clicks. I don’t want to make you believe that there is a magic formula for synthesizing titles that will attract visitors like a magnet. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to create a good title. Let’s not forget that the title clearly aims to represent the page very well. For example, a title that does not match the article will be off-topic and appear spam.

When this happens, the visitor clicks on it and will feel confused.

Going beyond these aspects, there are several ways to design creative blog titles. Includes special characters, numbers where needed, and even parentheses.  I have written here some tips on how you can compose your own titles.

8. Include relevant and quality images in articles

Images, screenshots, or even an infographic can greatly increase the quality of your articles.

The following matters in connection with the chosen images:

  • be relevant to the reader
  • to have a good quality in terms of clarity
  • to complete the text content very well where needed

9. Add video content to your articles

A massive increase in video content is expected in the future. In an article published by Smart Insights, they state that in 2020, internet traffic will be 80% owned by video content. Even if this type of content is more challenging to achieve, it is definitely worth it. Not everyone has the patience to consume information in the form of text.

You will have an advantage by adding video content, especially in front of the competition. Moreover, you will be able to reach more people much faster. Maybe trim and cut videos will come close to monopolizing internet traffic in the more distant future. Of course, this is not certain, but it is clear that people want to consume video information more than ever.

I’m sure there are more features of quality content. Maybe you can tell me a few in a comment below.