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The 10 types of video you can use to promote your brand

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It’s not always enough to market your company with a clever Facebook status or a pretty Instagram Boomerang. You need to know how to make videos to improve your marketing, and we’re here to inform you about all the many types of videos that can help you do exactly that. Videos hold your audience’s attention for longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising media. Producing professional-quality video is critical not only because it allows you to market your business more dynamically, but it also allows you to leverage your brand in places where still photos and text cannot be used, such as a YouTube advertising block.  Animasjons video Help you to boost brand

Video creation takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is well worth it. Consider what type of video you want to make before you begin. The ten forms of video you can utilize in your video marketing plan are as follows:

The Spot

The 15- or 30-second advertisement, sometimes known as a “spot,” is the most traditional type of video you may make. A spot’s content might vary greatly depending on your business and the story you want to convey, but the point of making one is that it can be distributed almost anywhere. These videos can be shown between TV (or Hulu) commercial breaks, before YouTube videos, or even before movie trailers begin, for example.

The keys to success with this form of video are to make it immediately captivating and to deliver your message succinctly within the limited time frame. A 15-30 second video is ideal for publishing on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This runtime is just right for social media: it’s not too short and not too long. And, rather than airing a cable TV commercial, you’re probably going to share and promote your film on social media. Spots have been around for decades and will continue to be popular forms of advertising for decades to come (despite the fall of regular television consumption).

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The explainer

If your company provides a service or product that isn’t immediately apparent, an explainer film on your homepage or landing page may be exactly what you need. These movies usually include animation and a voiceover that outlines what your company has to offer.

The product demonstration 

The objective of a product demonstration film is to show off your product or service to your target audience. It varies from an explainer in that you showcase the product’s features, perks, and benefits rather than discussing how it works.

The company’s culture Video

Videos about company culture have two distinct goals. For starters, they draw attention to your company’s culture among potential buyers. The goal is to market your brand as a whole, not to sell a product or service.


Behind-the-scenes Video

Show off your fascinating process for developing, manufacturing, or distributing your product or service! Your audience will enthralled by the attention to detail that goes into your work.

The customer testimonial Video

Having existing clients sell your brand for you is a terrific strategy to get new business. When new consumers see how enthusiastic and enthusiastic your current customers are, they’re more likely to believe they’ll have a similar experience.

The  employee portrait Video

Short video portraits, rather than a headshot and a brief text on your website about your company’s leaders, can help your audience connect with your organisation on the most human level.

The Web series

Web series are perhaps the most challenging to create and produce of these genres, but they’re so fun and distinctive that we can’t help but promote them. Consider these to be short scripted videos that take place in or around your company and brand.

The branded short film 

 Let’s move away from video and into the realm of filmmaking (not celluloid film, necessarily). Embedding your brand within a short film is a unique kind of video advertising. That’s correct; there’s a short film with characters and a plot.

The sole reason any commercial video producer I’ve ever met works in the industry is because they want to make movies. So give them the chance to write a script, cast a local actor or two, and produce a short film about your company. A yoga studio, for example. Maybe the backdrop for a romantic comedy, or a boutique retail store could be the location for a narrative about a son searching for the perfect gift for his mother’s birthday.

All types of video for all types of projects

High-quality, professional video material can accomplish anything for your business. Whether it’s advertising a product, conveying your vision, or interacting with customers. Begin making videos to attract your audience’s attention and grow your brand more dynamically.