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12 European Tourist Places To Visit

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Europe is every traveler’s favorite when it comes to the best tourist places in the world. But do you know the top tourist places in Europe that are a must-visit in a lifetime? If not, then find them with the top 12 European tourist places to visit.

Let’s know the 12 European tourist places to visit


If you are looking for some Spanish adventures then take direct flights to Barcelona from US to land here. Further, there are many things to do here except trying the popular Spanish cuisine. And the best adventures in Barcelona include visiting the city’s museums and art galleries.

Also, Barcelona is popular among travelers for its unique architectural designs along with the Spanish accent. Thus, spend your time in the city unraveling the mysteries and uniqueness of the Gothic architectural designs.


The charismatic city that is loved throughout the world, London is a must-visit European destination. Also, the city tops various lists when it comes to travel to Europe. Thus, it’s common to see the name of London in the must-visit travel places in Europe, or the most beautiful places here.

However, there are various reasons for the honor received by London on an international platform. And the reason behind this is that London is the home of many iconic architectural pieces. Further, it includes The London Eye, Big Ben, and Madame Tussauds. Also, along with this London wins the love of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes fans along with various other popular dramas.


There is no end to the charm of Paris and nothing that this city can’t provide to its travelers. And thus, Paris is not only the most popular but also the most beautiful European destination. Also, the travel-friendly quality of the city makes it pop out in almost every list related to European travels.

Also, this city is the home of one of the most iconic pieces of architecture, the Eiffel Tower. Moreover, Paris is no less than a paradise for lovers and this is one of the top locations for a romantic getaway.


If you share a love for Roman mystical beginnings then take direct flights to Italy from US. Further, the capital city of Italy, Rome is a perfect place to enjoy Italian adventures. Here, you can find everything from history, food, to the beautiful Italian accent.

Also, there are thousands of reasons why people choose to travel to Rome and you can easily find yours. Because there is hardly any adventure that the city doesn’t provide and can’t be experienced here.


One of the most popular travel locations in Europe, Florence has everything that the travel bug in you is looking for. Here, you can find everything from rich culture, history, traditions, and beautiful scenic views. Also, if you are looking for a city that makes you feel closer to nature, then you must visit Florence.

The home of the best Italian cuisine, the Italian food served in Florence is the best. Thus, if you are a foodie or someone who loves Italian food, you can’t miss out on visiting here.

Swiss Alps

A perfect paradise for skiers or people who love the freezing European winters, the Swiss alps is the best location. Further, these Alps have beautiful hiking trails that are adored by mountaineers from across the world. Thus, if you are looking for a winter adventure with snow beauty consider visiting here to the Alps.


One of the most colorful European locations, Amsterdam is a must-visit city in Europe. Also, the city is famous for its coffee shops but there is much more to it. And a vacation to the city is the best idea to explore the unexplored facts about Amsterdam’s beauty.

Also, popular for its redlight districts, this city is best explored through walking. However, you can always ditch walking for bikes and enjoy eco-friendly travels in Europe.


One of the most Instagrammable European locations, Santorin is completely covered in blue and white. Further, all the buildings in the city are white-washed while all the domes are colored with a the of blue. Thus, if you are looking for an Instagram post-worthy European travel location, you must visit here.

Along with this, Santorini is also famous for its island beauty which is the most unique landscape. Also, the landscape of the city is constructed from volcanic eruptions while it is a perfect beach beauty. And thus, beach bugs across the world get attracted to this beautiful island throughout the year.


One of the most popular festive towns in Europe, Prague is famous as a festive holiday destination across Europe. Thus, if you are looking for the best Christmas markets across Europe, you should visit Prague. However, that isn’t what Prague is all about, and thus, the city is filled with travelers throughout the year.

The summers in Prague are more famous than its winters among travelers, and the city enjoys the fact. Thus, no matter what is your travel schedule, you can always visit here for the best experiences.


Easily the most popular romantic destination in Europe, Venice is popular for its water taxi rides. Further, many reasons make Venice the most popular romantic getaway destination in Europe. And the city’s steep canals filled with water and the water cruise are just an aspect to it.


The popular Austrian city, Vienna is one of the most popular cities in Europe. Also, the city is perfect to celebrate the festive season in Europe. And thus, Vienna is a perfect city to visit in Europe in December to celebrate Christmas. Also, the reason behind this is the amazing festive spirit of Austrians that remained unmatched by anyone else.


One of the most popular cities in Europe, Budapest has recently become a popular travel spot in Europe. And many reasons helped Budapest earn this title along with its amazing nightlife. Also, this city is a perfect visit for friends who a looking for a fresh location for partying and celebrating holidays.

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