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Panning a budgeted trip to India? Or, have already booked tickets in Flight from USA to London and are looking for budgeted travel tips? Don’t worry, this article on top 10 travel tips- smart travel on a budget has got you covered.

India is an incredible nation enveloped by cultural, regional, architectural, and linguistic beauty. A spiritual hub and home of people with different religious beliefs, India is the perfect portrait of unity in diversities. And all this gorgeousness about India attracts hundreds of thousands of travel bugs to India.

If you want to visit India but are backing off because of a tight budget, then now is the perfect time to visit this mesmerizing nation. Because with the top 10 tips shared in this article anyone can visit India within a budget. So, say no to postponing your plans and yes to traveling. And book Flight from London to USA.

Let’s know the top 10 travel tips-smart travel on a budget to India

Start with Planning

Spontaneity in travels sounds fun, but it is never good for your pocket. Last-minute bookings, whether it is a hotel or air tickets, costs higher. So, the best thing to do is to come up with a plan including your traveling period, places to be visited and things to be done.

Book tickets early

Whether it’s airplane tickets or entry tickets booking them early is the most budget-friendly option. Only 30% of the total airplane tickets are bought before 1-month of the flying schedule. Thus, during the early periods, airlines provide discounts to boost sales. But as the last 30-days get immense demands, airlines to increase the ticket prices with a good margin.

And the same goes with entry passes. Also, if you wait till the last minute, then you may end up getting no tickets. As they can get sold out by then.

Travel off-season or off-peak

Every destination has 3 traveling seasons based on the volume of travelers visiting the destination. The season with the biggest volume of tourists is the peak season. While the one, with a denser volume, is the middle/ shoulder season. And the one with a negligible volume of travelers is the off-season.

As the rule of thumb, the higher the demand, the higher the prices. Traveling to India during the off-season would be the most budget-friendly option.

Book hostel rooms

Instead of staying at a multi-starred hotel book, a hostel/dorm room. This will not only cut the cost for you but also you will meet new people. And some of them can be travelers with the same itineraries as you do. Thus, you will find yourself a group to travel with. And will be able to make some new friends who love traveling as much as you do.

Pack cautiously

Instead of putting 15 dresses for a 7-day trip into your bag, you must pack cautiously. Most of the times travelers forget to bring everyday essentials like medicines or a toothbrush with them. And thus the moment they reach their destination the first thing they do is to look for a supermarket.

You need to be extra cautious with your packaging while traveling to India. The country’s weather faces diversities from region to region. As Mumbai, India never experiences real winters, and Jammu & Kashmir, India experiences harsh snowy winters during the same period. Thus, pack according to the weather of the cities you are visiting. Also keep a warm hoodie, thin warm blanket, waterproof boots/shoes, waterproof jacket, and an umbrella along with you to save yourself from unexpected weather twists and turns.

Use connecting flights

Instead of flying through nonstop and direct flights, opt for connecting flights. As they are a lot cheaper option, the other two But to fly through connecting flights one must have extra time in their pockets. As they take the most time to take you to your destination from the all three mentioned above.

If you are facing a time lag, then flying through direct flights could also be a great idea.

Fly with budgeted airlines

If you are choosing to go with the connecting flight option, then budgeted airlines will help you save a good chunk of money. Budgeted airlines are local airlines that only cover significant distances. You can book direct or non-stop flights with budgeted airlines because of their unavailability on long routes.

But for connecting flights they are a perfect choice. These airlines charge a lower ticket fee than international airlines. While providing the same services as them.

Mix and match different airlines

An airline that charges the least for taking you to India can charge more than other options to take you back to the US. Thus instead of booking all the tickets with the same airline’s mix and match different airlines.

So, before making any bookings comparing prices charged by different airlines to cover the same distance is very important. For this purpose, you can use a price comparison tool. Just go through the internet and you will find these price comparison tools that are free to use. Now all you have to do is put your flying and landing destinations along with the period under which you are intended to travel. And a long list of flights scheduled during this period along with the ticket prices will show themselves in front of you. Now look for the most affordable option and book your tickets. You can also buy the connecting flight tickets with the same process.

Use public transport

India is a densely populated country and, thus, public transportation is always overcrowded. But you can’t always avoid the public transportation system as it is the cheapest way to travel inside the country. Thus, try to use local transportation as much as possible.

Depend upon shared rides

Although public transport is a great means to travel, not everybody can use them. If you can’t share a space with too many people, then shared rides are the best option for you. As they are cheaper than individual rides also they don’t involve too many people. In India, companies like Uber and Ola are providing cost-effective shared rides options. Also, Ola came with a new shared-ride option where you can rent a bike with a driver to go from one place to another.

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