These are the 6 things that you are obliged to carry in the car so that you do not get fined

These are the 6 things that you are obliged to carry in the car so that you do not get fined

In addition to the papers or the triangle, do you know everything you need to carry in the car to comply with the requirements of the DGT?. Next, we list and explain all these elements so that you travel safer and you can avoid a fine if the agents stop you.


The first is commonly called ‘ papers ‘, that is driver’s licensevehicle datasheet, road tax paid correctlyvehicle insurance in force, and the ITV card (whose sticker must be placed in the upper corner right of the front window of the car, on the inside). If we lack this documentation we could face a fine of 500 euros.


Although there is talk of an emergency triangle, the truth is that the DGT obliges to carry two warning triangles of danger and not one. In the event of a mandatory stop. And once the vehicle is parked in a visible place for the rest of the drivers with the emergency lights on. The triangles must be placed. They must be placed perpendicular to the road and 50 meters from the vehicle. And can also be seen at a distance of 100 meters, placing one at the front and the other at the rear.

Posterior placement of the warning triangle


Another item that you are required to carry in the car is the reflective vest. This must go inside the passenger compartment and not in the trunk since we must have access to it in case of an incident. It is mandatory to put it on before leaving the vehicle. As Alphabet, a rental, fleet management, and corporate mobility company remind us, although it is only mandatory to wear a vest, it is advisable to bring another one in case we go with a companion and they also need to get out of the car and you can buy cars from auto for trade.


In order to temporarily resolve a situation of immobility caused by a puncture, the DGT forces us to carry at least one auxiliary wheel, known as ‘cookie’ wheels, or an anti-puncture kit.


If you are going to move around according to which areas of the center of Madrid. It is mandatory to wear one of the environmental badges on the windshield, also known as DGT labels or stickers, which classify vehicles based on their environmental impact. Failure to do so may face a fine of 100 euros. At the moment it is only mandatory in the capital of Spain; In Barcelona, you are not obliged to carry it on your windshield and for other cities, its use is only recommended.

DGT environmental ‘sticker’


The exceptional situation that Spain is going through due to the coronavirus is also reflected in the Highway Code with temporary measures and laws to deal with this pandemic, such as the obligation to use a mask in the car when two or more people are in it. That they do not live together. Only those under 6 years of age would be exempt.

These 6 things that you are obliged to carry in the car so that you do not get fined