Which is the best hotel to stay in Jawai Rajasthan?

Before you find an answer to this question, you will probably have to figure out why you should be even visiting Jawai Rajasthan, what is so special about this place? So let us give you a little brief about this location first. Jawai is located near the Pali district and it is known for its dam that is the largest in western Rajasthan and leopards. Both of these attributes are pivotal for making this location must-see for nature lovers and thrill-seekers too. Apart from leopards, you also get to see crocodiles, migratory birds, and many other creatures when you do a safari here.

That’s why you should plan a trip to Jawai along with your family, friends, and colleagues. At this place, you have experienced some of the most thrilling moments of your life. It gives you great pleasure when you see the leopards here roaming about the hills. You also get to have a better understanding of wildlife because things are pretty clear to you. In Jawai, wildlife is presented to you in a different environment. You don’t just see dense forests as is it seen in the rest of the national parks and sanctuaries in the country.

The adventure takes a different turn at this place, it reaches through the ultimate bond of humans and big cats. Also, you get to see better things here that cannot be expected in any other place. You get a very close glimpse of the wildlife that is set in different environments altogether. When you see this, you get more insight into the ecosystem and the balance of nature. Besides these attributes, there are plenty of other things that help you get closer to this region. While observing the dam, you get to observe the crocodiles as well as birds.

This keeps you more aware of the consequences of exploration and allows you to leverage that you cannot get elsewhere. Once you come to this place, you get exploratory and see some hill temples too. These temples are frequented by humans and leopards both, due for this reason, the locals believe that the latter is the guard of their goddess. Only at this place, you get to see the confluence of wildlife and landscapes. You never get bored exploring all the tracts and meeting the people belonging to the Rabari tribe.

If you do a village safari in Jawai, you get to observe the lifestyle of these people closely. As soon as you enter the area you get the vibe of Jawai. There are many things that make this place totally distinct and worthy of seeing. When you come to this region, you observe the kind of calmness that cannot be seen elsewhere. There are some rare species of reptiles and insects that you see here. For bird-watchers, this is a very special place as you get to see more than 100 species of migratory birds here. All you need is a perfect partner who manages the tour and lets you see everything more closely.

After coming to this place, you get to see the force of nature in the most seamless fashion. Also, you get to spend a great time with your loved ones who would thank always for bringing them to this place. No matter what the occasion is, you can always celebrate things in a better way when you’re close to nature. When you are here, you get some amazing stories to tell your friends back home. You create some great memories and relish them for your entire life.

Recently, the pandemic caused a major setback to the entire tourism sector and various other industries. Since the virus is still spreading, the hotels and resorts are taking all the precautions to make the stay of their guests secure. However, it is essential that your room or safari only after getting sure about the safety instructions. Almost every hotel is sanitizing their rooms before and after the check-in and check-out. When you’re doing a safari, you have to check if the same thing is happening with the jeeps or not. If not, then you should certainly see a service provider who is making every effort to make your tour safe.

Thour is a hotel in Jawai that is sticking to all the guidelines decreed by the government. We are keeping the entire premise, the tents, and jeeps germ-free with time sanitization. By doing that, we are ensuring that our guests are having a great time and doing the tour in a safe environment. Except that, you get to eat 100% organic food that is grown right at our property the purest manure. Our experienced drivers have been doing this job for many years and they are aware of this area very well.

With them, it is possible for you to see leopards within just a few minutes of your tour. We are the experts who don’t fail in making your Jawai tour memorable. When it comes to giving you the best service, we keep one-step ahead always. Our efforts are directed to giving you the most pleasant experience while keeping your tour entirely safe. We also make certain that you come closer to this place and remember it always. Our staff leaves no stone unturned in giving you an amazing experience and we make it possible with an all-inclusive tour.

At Thour Nature Resort, you get to have an overwhelming experience of exploring Jawai. We make sure that you have a vivid trip that can never be forgotten. Apart from that, we help you get familiar with various migratory birds, crocodiles, and leopards. If you book your tour with us, we make sure that you never have to get disappointed. Whether it is seeing the wildlife or having a luxurious stay, we let you experience nothing but the best. With us, you get to see the best of Jawai and feel the unmatched luxury with secure premises and best in class service.