MSI laptop can be hooked up to multiple Monitors

Which MSI laptop can be hooked up to multiple Monitors?

When you need a portable system for work, play, or school, a laptop is an obvious choice. Previously, portability meant sacrificing hardware to such an extent that using it for powerful applications was unthinkable. However, thanks to advancements in hardware, MSI laptops now have nearly desktop-like performance, allowing them to handle intensive tasks such as gaming and production without sacrificing portability.

The primary appeal of multi-monitor setups is the increased screen real-estate, which is useful whether you want to game, watch movies, or work. Let’s look at how to connect multiple monitors to your laptop.

Why do you need to hook up to multiple Monitors setup?

You will require an extended workspace even if you have a pc with high resolution. There are many advantages of setting up a multiple monitors setup. Some of them are listed below:

  • Adding another screen or a large monitor to your laptop will grant you more screen for the work. This will enable you to work efficiently and easily as multiple windows can be opened side by side.
  • Multiple monitors setup will enable you to have a better watching experience for high-definition videos from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

There are many other advantages, and they vary from user to user. However, if you have the space and budget to set up multiple monitors then you should go for it.

Preparing to Connect Multiple Monitors to Your Laptop

There are a few things that you need to consider and prepare before going for the multiple monitor setup. Here we will understand the setup by taking the example of the MSI GS75 Stealth gaming laptop. It is one of the best MSI laptops for display.

Check the ports of the laptop:

This is the most important setup. You need to check the ports of the laptop to confirm if it supports the multiple displays or not. For example, the GS75 Stealth Gaming Laptop has a USB Type-C port that supports Thunderbolt 3, the Display Port standard, and USB 3.1 Gen 2.

In addition to the USB Type-C port mentioned previously, the laptop has an HDMI output port. The presence of two display output ports indicates that you can connect two screens to this laptop without difficulty.

You can identify the type of I/O ports on your laptop by visiting the technical specifications page. To connect your screen to a laptop with Type-C display output, you’ll need to use an adapter or a cable that supports Type-C to HDMI / Type-C to Display Port.

Check the graphic cards:

A modern gaming laptop (with an Nvidia 20-series GPU or equivalent) should be able to handle a dual high-resolution display without breaking a sweat. If you have an older laptop, you should carefully consider the resolution. A dual 1440p monitor setup is significantly more demanding than a similar 1080p setup.

How to connect the laptop to the monitor?

It’s time to get started now that you’ve confirmed that your laptop can connect to dual monitors. The MSI Optix MAG271CQR monitor was chosen for this task. Its WQHD (2560×1440) resolution should keep you from running out of screen space.

Step 1:

In this first configuration, we use your laptop’s screen as the first display and a monitor as the second display.

Connect your monitor to your laptop using the appropriate interface. We can use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to this display because we only need to connect a single external monitor. If everything goes well, you should be able to see your screen on your monitor. Windows duplicates the displays by default. You must, however, set this to ‘Extend.’

The Windows projection menu should appear after pressing the Windows Key and “P.” Choose the third option, ‘extend.’ This should stretch your screen across your laptop’s and monitor’s screens. You can learn how to customise your workspace and screens in the sections below.

Step 2:

Two external MSI monitors are used in this scenario.

The uniformity of this setup over the setup that uses your laptop screen as the second display is a distinct advantage. You can get identical displays that sit side by side in this configuration, providing a much more seamless experience.

This time let’s use two MSI Optix MAG271CQR Gaming Monitors for our workstation. As described in Step 1, connect one to the laptop with an HDMI cable.

To connect the second monitor, you’ll need an adapter. Display output is supported by one of the MSI GS75 Stealth’s Type-C ports. Look for the Thunderbolt 3 icon near the port to identify it on this laptop.

Connect a Type-C to HDMI adapter to the Thunderbolt 3 Type-C port. Connect the adapter to one end of the HDMI cable and the monitor to the other. That’s all! Now we’ll customise our workspace to meet our specific needs and requirements.

Best MSI laptops:

The best MSI laptops that can be connected to the external monitors are as follows:

  • MSI Katana GS75 Stealth

MSI Stealth GS75 9S7-17G111-055 Gaming Laptop

  • MSI Katana GF66

MSI Katana GF66 15.6

  • MSI Crosshair 15

MSI Crosshair 15 B12UEZ-296UK 15.6

Bottom line:

There are many MSI laptops that can hook up to multiple monitors. You can choose the best option for you keeping in mind the ports and the graphic card. The steps to connect the laptop are very easy.

Follow these instructions and easy steps to enjoy the seamless experience offered by multiple monitors.