What Is The Purpose Of On-Demand Webinars

What Is The Purpose Of On-Demand Webinars?

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With modern innovations in the tech industry, businesses are shifting to online platforms for their brand promotions and wide audience reach.

On-demand webinars are gradually becoming the backbone of the small-scale business industry with their cost-effective solutions & broader reach among people across the globe.

With so many features to engage with the target audience, these sessions are of great advantage, especially for those ones who wish to watch content at their own choice & time.

In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the important facts associated with webinar services, the benefits of using them, and much more.

On-Demand Webinar – All you need to know

On-demand webinars are a perfect solution for those ones who could not attend your live event and wish to watch it afterward. These webinars thus also help to collect user data to grow your CRM which is equally important for getting potential customers.

So, on-demand webinars are pre-recorded sessions that can be viewed at any time. They also work on the principle of a traditional webinar session, i.e. to connect the audience with their host.

These sessions can be hosted on a website or a blog as per your preference. The embedded link can be accessed through sharing on different social media platforms. They are the prime source of evergreen content because their registration never ends !!

On-demand webinars are mostly pre-recorded sessions which makes them an even better choice for repurposing your content of past online webinar sessions.

Difference between On-Demand Webinars & Regular Video

Some of the key differences between an on-demand webinar and a regular video are mentioned below – 

  • Most of the on-demand webinars are thus created using traditional live webinar software which only requires registration to watch any time.
  • On the other hand, regular videos do not provide any type of interactive experience to their users where they can raise queries & get feedback from hosts.
  • In regular videos, content can only be consumed by the users, but in the case of the on-demand webinar, session content can be consumed as well as analyzed.

Benefits of On-Demand Webinars

Here are some of the important takeaways from hosting successful webinar sessions. These points can help you filter your best virtual event service – 

  • These webinar sessions can be joined from anywhere in the world without bothering about any geographical barrier. Most interactive webinar platforms work to improve audience engagement throughout the session.
  • Since these webinar sessions can be joined from any place, there are more chances to increase the conversion rates of the attendees. According to recent stats, the conversion rate has been around  45%-60% higher than the industry average for webinar sessions.
  • By actively participating in these sessions, the audience tends to engage with the content for long hours, ultimately increasing the chances of making potential customers for your future sessions.
  • These sessions with help of webinar platforms offer immersive features like – chat booths, polls, handouts, and much more, which are very important for better interaction & understanding with your audience.

Purpose of Hosting On-Demand Webinars Sessions

Here are some of the important points for which webinars are considered the best choice for hosting your virtual event – 

  • These webinar sessions are being extensively used as a way to extend the life of content by simply repurposing it.
  • Most of the audience nowadays, prefer to watch their favorite content as per their time slot availability. That is the main reason for the rising popularity of on-demand live-streaming services.
  • On-demand webinars are a good source to generate high-quality traffic with just minimum effort & less time consumption.
  • For hosting successful customer training sessions and onboarding processes, these sessions are quite helpful in generating top-of-funnel leads.
  • These webinar sessions with the help of online webinar platforms make a good strategy to reach a good number of people who are unable to watch your live content because of some circumstances.

Use of On-Demand Webinars in 2022

Here are some of the uses of these virtual hosting sessions which can be helpful in letting you select your best choice for the day – 

Maximize User- Engagement 

With the help of these sessions, you can easily boost your interaction with the target audience. These interactions include – 

  • You can set up Polls that will be running throughout the event which provides you with an understanding of metrics.
  • You can use the call to action for driving your attendee to your website or your email for sending further updates.
  • You can also set up surveys at the end of the session with some live webinar platforms to collect feedback about the event.

Distribution of High-Quality Resources 

This category belongs to additional resources which are available for the attendees to download free of cost. This is especially useful in directing your audience to relevant resources like – blog posts, ebooks, etc.

Reformatting of On-Demand Webinars Promotion 

These webinars are as good as your promotion. By converting your live session into an on-demand webinar all you need is one email to your database and the rest of everything will be automatically executed.

Setting up Your Own Channel 

Setting up your online channel for the promotion of your on-demand webinar content is a good strategy for success. With the help of the most popular webinar platforms, it becomes very easy for your audience to browse all types of content in one place.

Summing Up

It is very hard to figure out how to showcase your webinar content. There are multiple options available like – live webinars, on-demand, or any other type of session.

On-Demand webinars thus serve to cater to the best flexibility criteria for their audiences. With online webinar services, content consumption has increased rapidly. It ultimately depends on the type of requirements of the organizers & the objectives of your event that will decide which kind of virtual event platform is best suited for you.

One thing should always be kept in mind if your goal is to reach a wider audience and build better engagement with them, then these webinars are the best choice & if just content delivery is the only requirement then for sure there are many other options to go with.