QuickBooks error 404

What causes QuickBooks error 404 and How to Fix it?

There are instances when users get QuickBooks error 404 while viewing employee details and payroll tax information. The error occurs when the web page you are trying to open cannot be found on the server. There are various other reasons behind the error, such as poor Internet Connection settings, web browser cache, and damaged QuickBooks application. Normally, a clear cache and history from the web browser will help you resolve the issue. Go through the complete blog to learn the causes and other troubleshooting solutions to fix error 404 in QuickBooks.

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What are the causes behind QuickBooks error message 404?

Here are some major causes behind this web page error:

  1. The Windows registry is having some troubles.
  2. Improper Internet settings and poor internet connection.
  3. There are some installation issues in QuickBooks.

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Solutions to Get Rid of error 404 in QuickBooks

Solution 1. Clear cache and browsing history from Google Chrome

  1. Quit QuickBooks, open Google Chrome, and click three dots on the top right.
  2. Click More tools and then select Clear browsing data option.
  3. Choose a time range. If you want to delete all the data, choose All time.
  4. Tick the boxes for Cookies and other site data, Cached images, and files.
    Lastly, click Clear Data.

Solution 2. Clear cookies related to InTuit from the Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome, click the More button at the top right and choose Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and security, then choose Site settings.
  3. Under Content, select Cookies and site data, then See all cookies and site data.
  4. Type Intuit in the search bar to find cookies related to Intuit and click the Remove all shown button or you can also click the trash icon.
  5. Close and start Google Chrome again, bringing new settings into effect.

Solution 3. Reset Anti-virus and Windows Firewall settings

  1. Tap the Windows icon key on your keyboard to open the Start menu and type firewall in the search field.
  2. Choose Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and then check your Firewall settings.
  3. If the Windows Firewall has blocked QuickBooks from accessing the Internet Connection, you need to remove QuickBooks from the list of blocked programs.
  4. If this doesn’t help, open the Windows firewall and exclude QuickBooks from the blocked list.

Solution 4. Reset Internet Connection settings

  1. Close company files, quit QuickBooks, and open Internet Explorer.
  2. Open www.google.com to check your internet connection. If you can’t visit the website, you need to reset your internet connection settings.
  3. Wait till the website opens, start the QuickBooks Desktop application, and click the Help menu.
  4. Click Internet Connection Setup, go to the Internet Connection settings option and select the Use my Computer’s Internet Connection settings option
  5. Finally, click Next and then Done.

This blog has covered the basic and most effective solutions to fix QuickBooks error 404. We hope these solutions work for you in resolving the issue. In case the error continues, connect with the QuickBooks support team for assistance by calling us on our toll-free number 1.855.738.2784.

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