Desert Safari


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.A desert safari in Dubai is an adventurous trip to get to explore the unknown wilderness and places. There are many things that could take place on your desert safari, but as long as you use a good and reputable guide you can relax without fearing that you will fall prey to the camels.

A desert is all about lots of sand and it will find its way into every little nook and corner of anything you bring with you on the trip. This is to ensure for those photographers rather than those with DSLR cameras that while changing the lens; you have to be careful that it doesn’t make its way into your expensive camera or mobile phones. This makes for wonderful scenic views hence photography comes to the fore. This goes for everything that you take with you there and it may enter the charging ports and headphone jacks and any technological gadgets. You need to take things; which you don’t mind getting a bit sandy.

Introduction Dubai:

One of the most prosperous and modern cities of the Emirates in the UAE is Dubai. The richest city which is mostly driven by the trade-in crude oil and is also one of the hottest cities.  The city has got unique topographical features with Abu Dhabi to the south, Sharjah to the northeast, and Oman to the southeast.

Mostly formed of sandy desert, the greater part of Dubai’s landscape, as well as deserts full of gravel, all around is found in the southern region of the United States of Arab Emirates. The sand is fine, clean and white blended with crushed corals and shells. The Desert Safari in Dubai is one of a kind thrilling and electrifying experience in the surrounding sandy desert. The desert starts with a safari in a 4*4 wheel drive. Enjoy riding a quad bike along the sand dunes with the assistance of experts. There are many kinds of adventurous desert safari to drive your adrenaline rush. Let’s check out a few of them and book now your dream desert safari:

Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight desert safari makes available to you a number of options. The clear starry night skies to enjoy gazing at it. It’s blissful to watch the uncountable stars twinkling in the sky. The nights are cool with a calm breeze flowing by, and it makes the atmosphere more romantic and lets you explore riding on the dunes late at night.  

It’s somewhat a relaxing experience; to stand in the middle of the Arabian Desert and experience the golden landscape, a feeling of tranquillity prevails all around during the late-night hours. To start with this overnight desert safari, the itinerary includes a nice BBQ dinner, a cultural program, and a desert dune safari. It can extend into a camp stay in the desert and ends with an early morning breakfast.

Hummer Desert Safari

If you want an adventurous ride then this can surely prove to be a lifetime experience. One of the most popular adventures in Dubai, where you get to experience an enthralling four-wheeler drive in the vast expanse of the desert in Dubai. The adventure filled with action play lasts for 45 minutes and can bring your heart in your mouth as the Hummer is on bounce and bash in the dunes.

Set up in a Bedouin theme, the itinerary of this desert safari of about 6 hours. Includes a delicious BBQ dinner. Along with hookah and cultural shows like fire dance, Tanura dance, etc., post the Hummer Desert Safari ride. You may have to plan and book in advance. It is one of the most attractive and famous desert safari rides in Dubai.

Camel Safari in Dubai

Camels can be found most commonly in the deserts. This is one of the oldest modes of exploring the vastness of any desert in the world. None can match up to the authenticity of getting atop a camel and riding along the vast desert. The bashing of wheels and bouncing of the four-wheeler is definitely an exhilarating desert experience in Dubai but the camel ride is a peaceful kind of experience. One can enjoy the elevation of the surroundings as the “ship of the desert’’.