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Travel Healthy & Happy: 8 Important Tips to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Whenever you are planning for a fun vacation, you can’t help but be super excited! Of course, that means a leisure break away from school, work and worries. Finally making that long-awaited trip happen is like a dream come true. Who knows when it can happen again, knowing how busy you are. That’s why you must do your best to make it a memorable one without getting sick while traveling!  

Oh, why was getting sick suddenly mentioned? Well, it’s unfortunate, but some people do get sick or feel sick while on a trip. They tend to be the ones who are left in the hotel accommodation or who cannot join extreme adventures because they are not feeling well. They were just fine before the flight, but what has just happened?! 

Sigh. If you are part of them, I’m pretty sure you hate it most and do not want to waste the trip, but you cannot force yourself either if you really get sick in the middle of traveling. This is the exact motivation for you to take care of yourself, so you remain healthy and happy on your trip. 

Below is a list perfect for such a need! Here are 8 important tips to avoid getting sick while traveling.     

1 – Drink vitamins daily, and bring them to your trip.

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Everyday is a day to be healthy. You must always make an effort to maintain a strong immune system. Develop a tough resistance against illnesses, especially the easily communicable ones. One of the basic and effective ways to achieve that is to drink vitamins daily. Yes, with or without a trip planned ahead of you, diligently drink your vitamins. In that way, you will be oh-so ready to travel soon. 

And when you already have plans to go on trips, make sure to bring your bottles of vitamins. Pack them securely. Take them while on your trip, so you can fend off sickness-causing viruses wherever they can be acquired.   

2 – Wear clothes that suit the weather and the destination.


Travel outfits are very important travel essentials. You surely bring those that will make your Instagram-worthy photos more striking. You want to fulfill your travel goals while wearing really nice travel clothes. Fashion is never missing in your vocabulary, and even on your trips, it’s something you do not forget. 

Just remember to wear clothes that suit the weather in the country you are going to. For chilly places and seasons, make sure you have thick clothes, sweaters, jackets and other long-sleeved garments. Take beanies, bonnets and caps with you too. Your body and head might hurt later on due to too much staying in low temperature. You might catch colds as well. 

On the other hand, for warm and hot tourist spots, bring clothes that are not so thin and revealing, so you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun. Wear breathable clothing to avoid feeling suffocated, itchy and irritated under the sun or in a humid atmosphere. Too much exposure to the sun can make your eyes and head hurt too. 

3 – Avoid staying too long in too hot or too cold places.

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If you have itineraries that are particularly colder or hotter than your other stops, avoid staying in them for too long. Enjoy, and take photos. Play around, and stroll. But once you are done with the activities you have listed, and once you are just killing time, choose to leave the area already. Find a better spot, so you can be more comfortable. Just like what’s mentioned from the previous number, too much exposure to cold or to heat is unhealthy. It can have unfavorable results for your body. 

4 – Refuse extreme adventures your stomach can’t handle.


Some people are fearless when it comes to extreme rides, like those in amusement parks and in waterparks. Some seem limitless because they can ride as many rides as possible in just a day. However, if you are the opposite of these, do not take the risk. You might regret it.

Refuse extreme adventures your stomach can’t handle. If you easily get dizzy and nauseous, disregard the pressure from your friends or loved ones. Don’t hop into that roller coaster if you know your limits. Remember, if you get sick because of that ride, there’s a very high possibility that you will feel ill and queasy for the rest of the day. You will not enjoy what’s left in your list of travel activities for the day!

5 – Wear a face mask.

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This has become a requirement since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, but even before it, many travelers already have face masks as part of their travel outfits. 

Wear a face mask while on your trip, especially when you are in crowded and enclosed tourist destinations to avoid catching illnesses. On the other hand, if you are the one who’s sick, you can prevent yourself from spreading your cough or cold. Your travel companions will remain safe and healthy too!  

6 – Pack your personal medications, if any.


Aside from your daily vitamins, your personal medications, if any, should not be left behind. Do not forget to pack them early and to keep them stored tightly. You will not be able to find them abroad or in local travel destinations, or you will have a difficult time doing so even if it’s possible. Take them with you while making sure you have the required quantity. Drink them on time during your trip.

7 – Be careful with what you eat, especially abroad.

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Food is never boring! It is one of the biggest highlights of trips. Foodie travelers are having the time of their lives, enjoying the best of both worlds of food and travel. 

Just keep in mind that you must be careful with what you eat, especially abroad where you are unfamiliar with most dishes, street food and restaurants. This is more crucial if you have food allergies. Ask the cook and waiters first about the ingredients of the food you are about to order to avoid eating food you’re not supposed to. Prevent allergy attacks and the worries they bring. 

8 – Get enough sleep during your trip.

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There are people who think that every second in a trip is too precious for you to sleep. Well, in some ways, they have a point, but of course, when it is already time for bed, you must sleep. Get enough sleep and rest during your trip. 

After a long flight, rest and recharge for you to be ready and energized for your destinations and activities throughout the day or night. During bedtime, avoid staying up late because of social media. Sleep early, so you can wake up early and arrive on time to your itineraries. You will be revitalized and ready! You will avoid feeling lethargic and weak. Be excited and enthusiastic by filling yourself with power from enough proper sleep!



Getting sick while traveling means you won’t get to fully enjoy and appreciate this much-awaited trip of yours. Even your travel companions will be bothered and will somehow feel bad or awkward for having too much fun when you are pale and weak. You will involuntarily maximize your hotel accommodation booking. You will unwillingly forgo those exhilarating adventures that you want to experience. You will sadly drool over food you cannot eat because your stomach might act up. 

Honestly, realizing these and more while you are already sick during the trip will not make you feel any better.

What you should do in the first place is to be a responsible person, taking good care of yourself, so you can be a healthy traveler throughout your trip’s duration. Traveling healthy is traveling happy. 

Of course, it does not just end once your trip ends. Be healthy everyday. It’s a must!   



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.