Yuletide Shopping: 5 Educational Gift Ideas for Kids This Holiday Season

If there are people whom you’ve always loved giving presents to, kids might be them! It’s because of their sincere precious smiles as they receive them! You might be thinking of awesome presents for your young godchildren, nieces and nephews for Christmas. It has always been a dilemma whether to give them cash or actual presents, but of course, you know that kids appreciate and understand more the value of wrapped gifts than the enveloped bills. 

Nowadays, online shopping sites are good avenues for your curious and also worrying mind to get great ideas of what gifts to buy for them. Buying gifts isn’t so easy at all because you’re considering a lot of factors, and of course, you don’t want to buy bad quality products for those beloved kids. You might also have a little time left, so buying through online shopping sites would be very helpful for you. On the other hand, actual shopping is still very much loved despite the crowded streets of the Ber months!

Kids aren’t hard to buy gifts for but of course, you want something that will be enjoyable and most especially, educational for them. To help you with that, here are 5 educational gift ideas for kids this Holiday season.


wall sticker for kids

Some parents are tired of blackboards and whiteboards because of dust and of the huge space they consume. Some are not into too much technology that’s why they don’t allow their kids to learn a lot through tablets and other electronic gadgets even if they can help learning too.

Those are some of the good reasons for you to give a dry erase wall sticker as a present for those kids! It has an adhesive back so that it can stick to flat areas where kids can play and stay. It functions like a whiteboard; this one’s safe for kids. Bright colors last for a long period of time even when they’re often used. 

An adhesive backing allows for the easy attachment of any flat surfaces. It performs like a white board, and works with all dry erase markers. It doesn’t consume a huge space.

Kids can practice writing letters and numbers, construct phrases and sentences, solve math problems and draw shapes and images. This is a good way to play with kids while they learn. 

Meanwhile, for bigger kids who might be having online tutoring sessions or virtual classes, this can still be very useful, like in showing math solutions to their tutors or teachers. 

Kids’ parents will thank you for such a gift because this wall sticker is indeed made for kids’ learning.


musical toys

Kids, especially the youngest ones or the toddlers, enjoy toys that make them wow! They are attracted to materials that produce sound, music and light! And there are lots of educational toys that provide these. Among them are musical toys! 

Musical toys are toy versions of real musical instruments. They are smaller and lighter, and they definitely have the “toy” look, but they are a good starting point and practicing instrument for kids who, at a young age, seem interested in music. 

If you scan through certain online shopping sites, you can see musical toys like drum set toys, roll up electronic keyboards, ukulele toys, battery-powered electric toy guitars and many more. These toys come with a great interface and minor and major accessories for better use and play. They are useful as they help kids appreciate music and discover their talents at an early age.


educational toys

You might have never heard of this one yet. The electronic blocks kit is like an upgraded and a more “electronic” version of the simple building blocks. Little ones will have fun finding out what circuits are about and how to build them with colorful electronic pieces that easily go together. It’s an experiment that kids can do. They will be entertained while learning how electronics work.

This is really a helpful toy which sparks their interest in science at a very young age. They become uniquely curious and excited about learning. This toy, although it is “electronic” provides a safe, hands-on educational experience and understanding to kids. Even parents and adults will truly enjoy and get amazed with this toy. 

If this is available in physical stores but is hard to find, check out online shopping sites to give the best educational gifts for the best kids in town! 


educational gifts

Surely, you are familiar with those crane games in malls, carnivals, fairs and game centers — where there’s a claw you have to control so that you’ll accurately position it to get the toy you want. That game is very tricky and definitely hard. It’s also tagged by many as an “unfair” game because it almost seems so impossible to win a toy. You’ll have to spend lots of money to get one piece. 

Well, while that is frustrating, you can give kids their own easier version of this all-time favorite arcade game right inside their home. It’s not so different from the real and big ones because it plays music and lights up as well. There are joysticks and a timer function too which makes the toy even realer. Most of these toy machines include plushies. For some, you can put your own. They are USB or battery operated.

Kids are taught control and direction as they play this game. Their thoughts in making decisions of which is easier to achieve and which is not is enhanced as well. Their patience and dedication to get their goal are also tested. You can buy a prize grabber claw machine for lovely kiddos, and it is available in online shopping sites


educational gifts

Bring the ring on top of the table with a mini basketball shooting toy! This is really cute and fun not only for kids but even for adults. Shoot and score points using the adjustable spring launcher at the end opposite to the shooting rings. 

This teaches kids to focus and aim perfectly. They will learn of their interest in sports through this game as well.



Malls and gift shops are brimming with the prettiest, the cutest and the coolest gifts for kiddos. Online, you can find great deals and gifts that they will truly love. Shop well and wisely. Make the most out of shopping tips and perks offline and online, and get the best educational Holiday gifts for those charming young ones!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for InFlow Education, expert  tutoring services in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.