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Top 16 Most Fun Things To Do On A Live Stream

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You can create a fun and enjoyable live stream if you choose to create the best live streaming services in India. Furthermore, you have to attain complete knowledge and add more fun things to your event. Majorly people wonder about Live Streaming V/S Web Conferencing: What’s Best for the Next Online Event?

Hence, here is a comprehensive list of fun things that you can do on a live stream.

  1. Live Q&A Sessions

The live streaming services provider suggests having a separate Q&A session in your live streaming. It will be helpful in resolving all the issues and queries of your attendees. Furthermore, they can ask various questions and get answers from your speaker in real time. Also, you can opt to have 10 to 15 min in every session for Q&A related to that specific topic. So, you can resolve all the queries at the same time.

  1. Product Demonstrations

You can take your product demonstration session online via live streaming. Furthermore, you can choose the best streaming services that can make your video more interactive and engaging for the audience. You can share various pointers about your products and demonstrate the complete function from start to end.

  1. Live Interviews

You can contact the top industry specialist for your live streaming and interview them on their expertise topic. Furthermore, the live streaming companies’ experts suggest thinking of questions that can satisfy your audience’s curiosity. Hence, develop a list of questions according to the duration of your live streaming as well as ask your speaker to answer in a limited time.

  1. Give Your Views On a Trending Topic

You can choose a topic from the trends and gather the proper information to share on your live streaming. Furthermore, the best live streaming service experts suggest adding your audience’s comments to your live streaming.

  1. Host Quizzes

You can have quiz-based live streaming. Choose any trendy topic of your industry or your audience’s choice. Furthermore, the webcast services providers suggest hosting different styles of quizzes where you can ask a question and give some hints, options, or other helping hands to your attendees.

  1. Live Streaming From Events

You may have an on-ground event to attend. It can be a beneficial chance as you can go live with your in-person event. Furthermore, the streaming services providers will give you different features to make your event live streaming easy and more convenient for the audiences across the various social media channels.

  1. Going Behind-the-Scenes

You can record some clips from your live creation and preparation of your product or event. It can be a beneficial way to reach your attendees with some fun and emotional memories and connect with them better. Furthermore, the live streaming services provider suggests using behind-the-scenes especially when you want to share about your organization’s culture and work environment.

  1. Host a Webinar

Webinars are the oldest way to connect online with any client, employees, and other audiences across the globe. Furthermore, the streaming services experts suggest hosting a webinar and sharing it online via live streaming. This way, you can reach the global audience and interest them in your event.

  1. Parallel Multiple Platform Streaming

You can go live with the advanced features of the best live streaming solution. They can help you go live on various social media platforms simultaneously without hassle. Furthermore, you can broadcast on various channels, like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more, all at one time. Hence, no need to host every broadcast separately every time.

  1. Food Review Segment

You can have a segment where you can attract the foodie audiences. Furthermore, the best live streaming service experts urge you to share your reviews on any local dish or complete combo at a restaurant. Hence, you can keep your attendees engaged with discussions on food, places, or other things.

  1. Talk to Your Audience

You can create a live stream where you can talk with your audience and make them know about you a little more. Furthermore, inform the attendees about your ask me anything session live stream and ask them to share their questions. You can answer all the queries in an entertaining way by adding some humor to your answers. However, provide them with some serious and beneficial answers as well to resolve their issues.

  1. Create a Flash Sale

You can take your sale online via live streaming. Many e-commerce businesses are reaching global audiences and making live sales by this method. Hence, you can try selling online via live streaming and increase your ROI without hassle.

  1. Offer Advice or Give Feedback on People’s Work

You can create a live stream where you can appreciate some work that you have gone through in the past week. It can be anything like a book, poetry, movie, web series, or any other work. Furthermore, you can share your views online with the audience including various plus and minus points of that work. Try to be unbiased with your feedback.

  1. Tell Viewers A Personal Story

You can connect with your audience by sharing your personal story with them. Furthermore, you can create a false story that matches your topic. However, you must present it in a way that your audience can connect with it and understand the intensity of your story.

  1. Cooking Stream

You can create a live stream where you can add a recipe to some delicious dish that can attract and grab everyone’s attention from the start of your live streaming. Furthermore, you can show your cooking skills and make them stay until your event ends.

  1. Do a House Tour

You can also take your audience on a tour of the place where you are live streaming. Furthermore, it can boost your attendee’s interest in your discussion and live stream. Do not brag about your ambiance and the things you have. It can leave a negative impact on your audience.

So, these are the various fun things that you can do during a live stream. Furthermore, you can take your on-ground or other virtual events online with the live streaming feature.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in learning numerous fun things to do during a live stream.