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Things You Should Know About Car Detailing

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Owning a car in Dubai is an extraordinary feeling, but with it comes the responsibility of taking care of it. You can put the highest quality car battery or the best car tyre such as Michellin tyres. There is still a lot more that goes into proper car maintenance. One of the biggest myths is people think car washing is the same as car detailing. But there is a thin line that differs them. You may wash your car regularly to keep it looking brand new, but it is vital to have car detailing done once in a while.

CAR DETAILING – What It Involves?

A professional perform the in-depth cleaning of the inside and outside of the car. They know the products and techniques that can result in a polished finish.

  • Exterior Car Detailing involves a series of steps such as paint claying, sealing or waxing, exterior wash, and drying.
  • Interior Car Detailing: It involves scrubbing, glass cleaning, leather trimming, vacuuming, and more.

Some other services that you can find can be ceramic coating, PPF, or Paint correction.

The cleaning process done extensively leaves the car sparkling as new.

Interior Car Detailing

The car’s outer appearance is undoubtedly significantly important, and we should pay attention to maintaining it. But you can’t leave the inside in an unclean condition and may make anyone sitting in your car uncomfortable. If the interior of a vehicle is not clean, no one can enjoy the journey. A foul odor can significantly leave a wrong impression on others and compromise the car’s inner functionalities. If the air exhaust is not clean, it can spread allergens, and with resistant grit or stains, the operation of switches can debilitate function. Therefore you do require a washing that is more than soap and water.

Interior detailing involves the following steps:

  • Vacuuming: Step one includes vacuuming the seats, trunk, and shelf along with floor mats, and for the areas that are difficult to reach, an air compressor is used.
  • Brushing: Scrubbing or steam cleaner removes the tough stains on the rugs or mats.
  • Glass Cleaning: It helps remove any grime or scratches on the glass’s surface.
  • Trimming Leather: It helps clean all leather using saddle soap or some leather soap.
  • Re-Vacuuming: Re-vacuuming is integral to removing any dirt left behind. Detergents can clean all the other areas, such as windows or Dashboards.
  • Perfuming: Nothing is better than a car that smells great.

Exterior Car Detailing

  • Washing: It starts with spraying a car, followed by washing of car’s rims, glass, door jambs, and all the other exterior parts.
  • Claying & Polishing: It helps remove the impurities, any spots of overspray, or irrelevant residue. Polishing helps in restoring the smoothness.
  • Sealing: It helps protect the glossy shine with a sealant or wax to give a great shiny 

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Car detailing is vital to keep your car looking pristine and incredible. It is also equally crucial to find the Cat battery price in Dubai and keep the vehicle’s components well-maintained. A vehicle with top quality from top to bottom lasts long while providing efficient performance.