Top 8 Apps That Can Make Money With Your Own Car 

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It’s not cheap to maintain your own vehicle. If you try to think about your car insurance, monthly car payments, upkeep, fuel costs, it’s easy to see why vehicles are such a huge expense. Thankfully, due to the increase and growth of apps that pay you to drive and the sharing economy, there are plenty of ways you can earn income just by driving your own car. 

If you’re on the hunt for apps that pay you good money to drive, then this article is for you. So keep reading! 


Postmates is an app that is somehow identical to DoorDash and Grubhub. Customers just need to download the app, place an order, and local drivers will deliver their food to them. It’s very easy to become a driver as the requirements are simple, and the gig is entirely flexible. Drivers of postmasters can also work for Grubhub and DoorDash. 

The earning you would have as a Postmate driver uses a formula. The pay you’ll receive will be determined by the amount per pick and per drop off, pay every minute waited at a restaurant, and pay per mile in the middle of a pickup and drop off. The amounts will depend or vary on the region of the country. The average pay is around $9.93 to $24.79 per hour. 


DoorDash is also a food delivery service where customers can place an order for buying foods from dozens of local restaurants and have them delivered. The drivers of DoorDash accepts orders through the driver app. They don’t set hourly requirements or set schedules at all. This kind of driver job in Sydney is now available, even in Japan and Canada. It’s already a well-established company and the driver requirements won’t make you sweat. 

DoorDash also sets some aspects that determine how their drivers are paid, including the quantity of the order, the time they wait at a restaurant, the driving distance, and more. DoorDash drivers usually earn an average of $18.22 to $21.10 per hour. 


Ever since the pandemic hit, many people are still ordering their grocery needs online. This is why InstaCart has become one of those successful apps that offer innovative grocery delivery services. The company hires for two positions, and Full-Service Shoppers shop and deliver goods or just deliver. 

Full-Service Shoppers can pick their own hours and work completely inflexible schedules. You won’t have a hard time with the application process and the requirements are pretty easy. 


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Another food delivery app is from Uber which is an inclusion to their ridesharing service is UberEATS. This is similar to the other delivery driving gigs we’ve mentioned already earlier. The requirements to be an UberEats driver are much easier compared to the Uber driver requirements. The schedules are very flexible and they can also work as a driver for other companies. 

UberEats have a fixed fee for picking up food at restaurants and dropping them off, as well as paying per mile for the distance they drive. The delivery drivers of UberEats can earn an average of $16.82 per hour. 

#5 UBER 

Since we’ve mentioned Uber above, we’re sure that you’re already familiar with this popular ride-sharing service. As an Uber driver, you can use your own vehicle to offer transportation to people in the area. This gig is definitely flexible and you get to completely set your own schedule and hours. You may also drive for Uber while using other similar apps that pay you as a driver. 

An Uber driver earns an average of $19.60 every hour. Drivers are paid a base rate per trip, together with rates for how long and how far they drive. In addition, they can keep 100% of their tips. 


Shipt is also a popular grocery delivery service that customers can use to order groceries and household needs and have them delivered directly to their doors. Shipt also hires shoppers who can shop for their customers and deliver the goods to them. The company also allows highly flexible hours and their shoppers can earn a full-time or part-time income. 

Shipt shoppers and delivery drivers can earn an average of $20.00 to $22.14 per hour. Shipt reports that experienced drivers and shoppers can earn $16 to $22 every hour plus tips. 

#7 LYFT 

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Lyft is another type of ride-sharing service that has a well-known positive reputation. Its service model is just like Uber. The company is providing the same amount of flexibility for their employees. A lot of rideshare drivers normally work for Lyft or Uber to make the most of their earnings. Lyft drivers earn around an average of $14.00 per hour. 

Lyft pays their drivers by a base rate per trip, paid per minute, and pair per mile. They may also keep all of the tips they earn. 


This last one on our list is a bit different compared to the others we’ve mentioned. TaskRabbit is actually a marketplace where people provide different services to customers in the area. Services aren’t completely based on driving, but a lot of them are based on it. Their employees are called Taskers, and they can earn money via delivery services, transportation services, moving services, and more. 

Taskers are the ones who set their own hourly rate, and their income depends on the service they offer. Errand runners can receive $14.00 to $15.00 per hour, and general hourly contractors can earn around $10.00 to $40.00 every hour.

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