The most popular gifts in Laptop Accessories 2021

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What could be more precious than receiving a Laptop accessory as a gift? A gift that would surely come in handy and is of some use. Not like those gifts from your granny. Give your loved ones the best gifts they deserve. Following are some of the most popular gifts in laptop accessories for tech and laptop lovers. So, let us check these out.

Mercedes Benz Backpack

First up is the Mercedes Benz backpack. This super cool gift made for laptop lovers can hold a laptop up to 15 inch. As it is unisex so you can gift it to guys and ladies alike. The black/ grey colour of the backpack and a Mercedes logo on the front makes it a must-have. It’s simple yet elegant look makes it a great accessory wherever you wear it. Whether in school, college or any place else, it gels in completely.

In addition to a laptop compartment, this bag has an iPad compartment as well. Plus, plenty of more room to hold your books and other documents. It also has space to keep your other stuff without any damage risk. It keeps your laptop and documents safe from getting wet or pollution, or even if the bag falls it can endure force without damaging the things inside.

It is super comfortable to wear. Wide adjustable straps are easy and comfortable, so you don’t get tired or sore from wearing a bag the whole day. It does not add tension to your shoulders. Plus, the upper handle makes it easier to hold if you want to carry it manually.

This bag proves to be the best and trendy gift for any laptop lover or even user. The person receiving this gift will surely appreciate the stylish Mercedes Benz backpack.


Microsoft gives you the best laptop accessory you can gift anyone. The surface arc touch wireless mouse by Microsoft. It has Bluetooth connectivity. With its arc surface body, never experience the stiff hands or sore grip again. This arc surface touch mouse gives you a comfortable feel. This makes a super cool gift to give to your loved ones, or even have it for yourself. Its black colour gives it a super stylish look. Plus, its strong body also gives it super durability with maximum damage endurance.

Don’t just scroll up and down, experience the four-way scroll with its a new feature. With such cool specs, this mouse can prove to be very useful while working on multiple projects. Working has never been this easy. But this mouse is also an asset to have if you are a hardcore gamer. The sleek and slim body with arc surface and four-way scrolling can be a wonder for the gamers.

In any case, this Microsoft product is a must-have for you, if you are a laptop user it will make a great gift, which the other person will surely always cherish.

HP Classic Notebook Backpack

The graceful backpack from HP can hold laptops up to 15.6 inch. Keep your laptop and other belongings safe and sound, while travelling with this super safe and secure backpack. It can endure the bumps with ease while keeping your belonging damage free.

The water-proof fabric makes it a real secure backpack which will keep your essentials safe, even if it starts pouring rain. No worries about getting your belongings wet with this HP backpack.

In addition to being really strong, this backpack is also very stylish as well. You can rock this backpack with any of your clothing styles, whether it is casual or formal.

The strong zippers make sure you don’t experience any kind of hassle while putting something inside the bag or taking anything out of it. Over-all, this bag will give you long-lasting durability. With separate compartments for your belongings, this backpack can act as a personal organizer as well.

Feel super comfortable while you are wearing this bag, as it has super soft straps to keep your shoulders at rest. Plus, the adjustable straps will keep the stress to your back and shoulder at a minimum.


What is a gift if the other person does not appreciate it, or if it does not come in handy of the person receiving it. Give your loved ones the best gifts they deserve. These gifts will surely put you in the best friends list with that person, if you already aren’t. Choose from these three or go to to choose from a wide variety of tech and laptop accessories and get the best deals.