A little boy wear a goggle to take care of his eyes

The best 10 way to protect our eyes while traveling

Eye Care: If you’re about to take a long road trip or get on a plane, play it safe by opting for glasses from the start. Make sure to aim air vents away from your eyes, constant temperature fluctuations and lack of humidity could irritate your eyes.

The Vision Council reports that 55% of people lose or break just their sunglasses every year. But if you include prescription eyeglasses, it is clear why it is so imperative to ensure vision health during travel. Occasionally, contact lens cases can smashed open by windows during the night by mischievous monkeys.

Take preventative measures to avoid eye care mishaps. When you traveling and your sight is compromised, these 10 tips can serve as your Plan A and B for recovery.

  • Always have a backup:

In an effort to keep ourselves prepared, most of us pack at least one unnecessary piece of clothing for a trip. There’s no need to worry about having an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses. Whether they’re a bit out-of-date or not, pack a second pair of prescriptions. In addition to being a stylish fashion accessory, eyewear also serves a very functional purpose.

  • Don’t let them go:

You should never put anything in your checked bag that you cannot afford to lose, including eyewear and jewelry. In Tucson, keep glasses in a purse or carry-on bag so you won’t have to worry about them circling the baggage carousel.

  • Hard cases recommended:

It common for bags to get smashed in subways, purses to get sat on from time to time, and overhead bags to get smooshed. These high-pressure moments can survived by glasses in a durable case.

  • Try not to wear them on your head:

Have you ever noticed that when you’re exploring, you tend to look up so much? Tip-back heads are prone to glasses falling. When you in a crowded, touristy environment, they at an increased risk of getting crunched underfoot if they survive the fall. It is also more likely that monkeys will approach top-of-head glasses since they tend to stretch out. When you’re not wearing them, keep them in their case.

  • Mercury must installed:

You should wear insulated eyewear if you plan on traveling in extremely cold or hot weather. In extreme temperatures, glass lenses and frames can become damaged or broken. In addition to stretching or losing shape, extreme heat can also cause frames to stretch.

  • Be aware of your vision benefits:

It’s wise to check with your vision benefits to see what coverage you have in the case of lost or damaged eyewear, especially if you’re traveling abroad. A temporary pair of adjustable glasses can shipped if you break your own pair while climbing a waterfall, for instance, through EyeMed’s International Travel Solution.

  • Make a copy of your prescription:

The prescription should stored along with other pertinent travel information, such as your passport and toll-free credit card numbers. Use email (make sure there is Wi-Fi where you are traveling) to send yourself a copy. You may have to wait several hours if you travel in different time zones for the prescription to sent by your optometrist. Being safe is always a wise idea.

  • Keeping your eyes clean is imperative:

Liquid tears or drops can lubricate your eyes, preventing dryness and irritation that may result from long flights, changing climates, and late nights out. Before hitting the pillow, make sure you remove makeup and eyeliner before applying makeup. Hydration is also helpful for your eyes, so drink plenty of water.

  • Take a repair kit with you:

If you don’t have that tiny screw on hand, you will not be able to replace many eyeglass mishaps. Your toiletry bag will not weighed down by a bulky or heavy eyeglass repair kit. At Ye Olde English Hardware Store, you won’t find a screwdriver the size of a toothpick.

  • Make sure you wear prescription sunglasses:

Sunglasses that are 100% UV protected and prescription may the right travel accessory if you are traveling to a sunny climate or spending a lot of time outside. In addition to making the sights on the beach more appealing, they are especially helpful (if not required) on road trips.