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Skiiing trip to Italy, Livigno. Experience advise

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Hi there,
This blog contains my experience in the Livigno region in Italy, skiing thoughts, and stuff. Writing this blog after 2 years, due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to ski this year, unfortunately.

I would like to write about my experience in the Lombardy region. A couple of us traveled there by plane from Eastern Europe. It was great because when we do travel by car it is frustrating to actually travel more than 1200km. To reach Apls for us is a hustle, to be honest.

Regardless, the flight was great, relaxing. Landed in Milano. After renting a car we drove to Livigno around 200-250km, a short and pleasant trip. Roads were great views as well.
One of the funny stories that I will cover is when we had to send parcel to Italy, even though we were already in Italy.


We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment with a small kitchen for 6 nights. It cost us 120 euros per night including all the amenities. Amenities such as parking space, balcony, shower, wifi, tv, and more.

We were actually really happy with what we’ve had. The location was also flawless, ski lifts were 500 meters away, the main lift was around 1.2km away.


Livigno resort was pretty empty, to be honest. There wasn’t much activity despite skiing. Of course, you could find ‘apreski’ or some restaurants but additionally, you couldn’t find much. No proper club, no shops, there were a couple of ski shops but everything there was certainly overpriced.

Ski routes

Livigno does have a lot of ski routes in terms of distance, but the quality of it wasn’t the best. In comparison, I could take the Austrian alps. If in Austria tracks marked blue were wide and pressed. Then in Livigno pretty much all the runs were straight garbage.

Off-pistes (powder lines)

Due to the fact that we came in late February, the quality of snow wasn’t the best, but neither was it awful. When we lifted the mountain for the first time we had like 5-10cm fresh snow.
We started hugging tree lines even though forests weren’t the best.

Funny story that occurred during the trip.
Skied the 3rd day of our trip and while we were on the lift we noticed that there was a cellphone left behind. We tried to find an owner but we couldn’t for the whole day. In the evening the phone rang and they asked me to send it to them because they already left the resort.

As we did, we’ve sent a phone to Milan.

The receiver was so generous, he even paid for the parcel shipment cost. Also asked us for a bank account to transfer some money. Which we politely declined.


The experience what great.

We couldn’t tell that we would love to come back but certainly, it was a pleasant trip.

My advice for others would be to avoid advertised places to stay. In some areas that I visited around Europe advertised hotels were as promised. But in Italy, at least here where I visited it was completely opposite.