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Save Your Mot Results From a Failure- Watch Out for Worn Tyres

MOT checks can be a great hassle for some new drivers. And for the old drivers, same! Ask yourself about the last inspection of your car parts and we are sure that you would fumble on the answer.

The majority of car owners pay attention to their car servicing or maintenance only when their MOT checkups are ahead, or in the worst case if something happens. And if you do so, you are not the only one. But it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Your car might have a small issue. But ignorance can be a risk to your safety. And late realization might cost you a lot during servicing.

Along with that, one vital reason to regularly maintain and service your car is your safety. There is no other, strong point of discussion here, rather than your safety factor.

But when you go for your MOT test, you might get a fail certificate if your car parts are not properly functioning. There are many parts such as coolant, Tyres Hatfield Peverel, etc, that come under the MOT inspection.

And out of all those car parts, this blog revolves around the importance of tyres in your MOT inspection. So, let’s know what are the factors around tyres that can fail your next MOT test.

Degrading Tyre Tread Level

MOT tests are there to validate that your car is roadworthy at all times. So, it is only natural for them to inspect the most important parts from the safety point of view, your tyres.

Tyres originally come with a tread depth level of 8mm. But after extensive use and many other factors influencing them, it decreases. according to experts, if your tread depth level goes below 3mm, you should replace the tyre with a new one. But from a legal perspective, if it goes below 1.6mm, it is illegal to drive around with those tyres.

Tyre treads are responsible for the gripping, braking, reducing aquaplaning and traction in your tyres. So, if the depth goes below 1.6mm, it doesn’t function at all. It becomes hard for the tyres to grip on wet roads and your tyres might skid.

So, if your tyre has a tread depth level below 1.6mm, go for a replacement as soon as possible. Or, immediately! You would have to pay a fine otherwise and if not, your safety is at too must risk.

Tyre Cuts, Scratches, Bulges, Etc

If there are any physical wounds on your tyre surface such as cuts, scratches, bulges, etc, you might fail your MOT test. These physical signs are saying that you need to check with your technician and get a tyre replacement as soon as possible. It might result in a tyre burst anytime and hence, the MOT test will show you a failed result.

TPMS Malfunctioning

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS, is a device that monitors and notifies you about the tyre pressure level in your tyres. They show you indications on your car dashboard and keep you safe from the risks of pressure changes in your tyres.

But sometimes, these devices might get faulty. And it can be risky for your safety factor. So, if your TPMS comes out faulty during your MOT test, you might fail it.

What Are the Tips to Maintain Your Tyre Health?

  • Look out for your tyre pressure level- tyre pressure level is an important factor for your vehicle. Tyre pressure fluctuations can result in uneven wear and tear. And might even risk a burst or blowout in the middle of the road.
  • Don’t keep up with part-worn tyres- IF your tyres are partially wearing out, don’t wait for them to wear out completely before taking any action. Go to your technician and discuss either maintenance or replacement right away.


Tyre quality plays a huge role in determining the longevity and safety of your tyres. So, you must invest in premium Michelin Tyres Hatfield Peverel only.

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