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Restaurants in Montreal with the Best

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The city’s restaurants are among the best in the world. Montreal has one of the most diverse culinary scenes in the world, thanks in part to its French colonial background, the vast Canadian wilderness, Indigenous products, and many immigrant groups from the Caribbean, Middle East, and beyond.

May find multiple generations of renowned restaurants in Montreal. Toque, the first Haute Québécois restaurant, and Joe Beef, which has been there for over a decade, are two of the city’s most popular restaurants. On top of that, a new generation of chefs is breaking away from Quebec’s meat-heavy traditions to offer fresh and exciting culinary experiences. It would be a shame to miss out on local delicacies like poutine at La Banquise or Montreal-style bagels at Bagel St-Viateur, even if they aren’t haute cuisine restaurants.

Montreal’s eating scene comprises a wide range of cuisines, from high-end French fare to inexpensive Quebecois fare, steakhouses to a Syrian restaurant, and more. Now is the time to book your Flights to India from Canada at the lowest possible price.


Several years after being pushed out of its original location due to a fire, Damas reopened in a new location only a few streets away. It regained its position at the top of the city’s dining scene with a new place and a large outside terrasse (patio). Chef and owner Fuad Alnirabie and his crew elevate Levantine cuisine to new heights with dishes like fattoush salad, creamy hummus, and mouthwatering lamb shanks with exquisitely seasoned sauces.


Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson’s namesake restaurant is in the heart of Montreal’s relatively new and very wealthy Four Seasons hotel. Chef Jason Morris of Pastel and Le Fantôme fame oversees the kitchen at Marcus, which has a robata grill like a Japanese teppanyaki grill and other references to Japanese cooking techniques. Cocktails that are both fruity and spicy are on the menu at this Art Deco-inspired bar with a beautiful plant-lined patio and an Art Deco interior.

Boulud’s house

Maison Boulud is one of the numerous restaurants operated by famed chef Daniel Boulud and in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal. In addition to classics like beef tartare and foie gras, Chef Romain Cagnat also serves prime rib with béarnaise sauce and a delectable weekend breakfast.

Sophie’s house (Griffintown)

The chef behind this establishment, Sophie Tabet, has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and Italy. Over a decade ago, she brought her best-in-class culinary abilities back to her hometown and this elegant neighborhood eatery.

As the outcome of that effort, Chef Tabet is known for his French-inspired meals, but he also incorporates Canadian ingredients like mushrooms and shellfish, as well as a few foreign tweaks.

The Club of Hunting and Fishing (Old Montreal)

Regarding exquisite dining in Montreal, Hubert Marsolais and Claude Pelletier’s Le Club Chasse et Pêche is where it all started for the duo, who owns a tiny kingdom of other excellent restaurants. To put it another way, the name “The Hunting and Fishing Club” tells you exactly what to expect: Dishes like Arctic char, seal, and duck are just a few of the restaurant’s mainstays, and they are in a charming setting with just the perfect amount of log cabin décor.

It’s time to go to Toqué (Quartier International)

Normand Laprise, one of Quebec’s best-known chefs, has been hailed as an innovator who has elevated Québécois cuisine to a new level of excellence. Many of these events occurred at Toque, the French-Canadian restaurant operating since 1993. Guests can expect a prix fixe tasting menu that includes exquisite meats, mushrooms, cheeses, seasonal vegetables, and a wine pairing option.

Beef jerky named Joe Beef (Little Burgundy)

Joe Beef, Montreal’s most globally renowned restaurant, has received several endorsements from Anthony Bourdain, and it backs up that reputation with considerable culinary prowess. The ever-changing cuisine at Fred Morin’s restaurant focuses on the best Quebec and Canadian ingredients, including horse meat and radishes. Don’t miss out on the signature lobster spaghetti, and don’t miss out on the outstanding, natural-leaning wine selection.

Terrasse William Gray (Old Montreal)

The vistas of Old Montreal and the St-Lawrence River from this rooftop restaurant are spectacular. Still, the inventive spins on the traditional bar and brasserie fare will have you returning. Terrasse, a restaurant and bar located eight floors up at William Gray Hotel, serves everything from burgers and beef tartare to grilled fish and steak fries, spritzes, sangrias, and local St-Ambroise beer. If you can’t get a table on the Terrasse, go to Perché, the hotel’s fourth-floor bar, for a full bar and tacos inspired by the beach.

George’s Bar (Downtown)

In the heart of Montreal’s historic Mount Stephen Club edifice, the boutique hotel Le Mount Stephen now stands — and its British restaurant Bar George is the crown gem. A robust main menu, such as beef Wellington or baked fish, is also available, as are traditional cocktails and small plates like chicken liver toast and mushy pea fritters.

Plateau/Mile End, aka “The Filet”

Le Club Chasse et Pêche’s proprietors have opened a new, expensive restaurant in Montreal’s trendy Jeanne-Mance Park. Even though Le Filet has been on several lists of the top restaurants in the city, it maintains a low-key vibe. Yasu Okazaki, the restaurant’s chef, and co-owner use his Japanese roots to create unusual, visually appealing, and delicious meals. Find the cheapest airfares right now on Direct flights from India to Canada.

Elisabeth Island (Mile End)

Montreal Île Flottante, the new restaurant from restaurateurs Nada Abou Younes and Sean Murray Smith, replaced the shuttered Les Deux Singes de Montarvie as the city’s latest dining destination. The Mile End’s ever-trendy neighborhood is home to a tasting menu-only eatery that concentrates on Quebec’s harvests instead of the meaty emphasis of many other local landmarks. Past meals like savory carrot cake or trou Normand with cucumber sorbet give you a sense of what to anticipate from the menu, which changes often. While lleFlottante caters to vegetarians and vegans, it does not follow a strict vegetarian diet.

Hoogan and Beaufort are a married couple (Rosemont)

Fire pit cooking isn’t just about smoky meats and smoky: Chef Marc-Andre Jette uses his restaurant’s in-house grill to create delicate, nuanced dishes like a local lamb dish with oyster mushrooms, turnip, and marinated garlic blossoms. The restaurant’s flavorful pasta dishes show Jette’s team knows when to hold back on the heat. The action occurs in a hip renovated warehouse with a sizeable off-street terrace during the summer.