RedMagic 5S

RedMagic 5S review: Gaming great, but an everyday average

The RedMagic 5S exposes heart and soul to all onlookers. There’s no question that this is a gaming telephone totally.

What with its energetic blue and turquoise – otherwise called ‘Heartbeat’ – colorway, 144Hz revive rate screen fan vent openings aside, and an inherent cooling fan (that makes somewhat of a whistling sound). 

It’s anything but a significantly unique gadget to the RedMagic 5G – which we explored prior to 2020 – so does Nubia’s refreshed gaming uncommon hit the appropriate notes this time around?


The RedMagic 5S Smartphone is a genuinely stout monster, at practically 10mm, yet that is because of its fan cooling framework and big screen size. It’s a smidgen of a battle to reach across the virtual console one-gave, yet who really minds? This telephone is tied in with zeroing in on two-gave gaming fun. 

That is the reason you’ll see two-level regions aside: these are the 320Hz implicit shoulder trigger buttons. It’s an unpretentious execution too as, in ordinary use, you will not see these triggers – which don’t actually move, they’re just founded on constrained press contact – demonstrating that the RedMagic 5S can transform between the regular gadgets and gaming mecca. 

The 5S model tones down the lighting impacts that were plentiful in the 5G model as well. Considering how noisy the Pulse shading finish is we don’t believe that is something terrible. Less garish lighting additionally implies battery life improvement potential. 

While we consider that to be a positive change, the RedMagic 5S hasn’t made a move to change sufficiently to contrast with the 5G model. The in-screen unique finger impression scanner, for instance, is still well behind the current norm – so it tends to be an aggravation to utilize given the bomb rate. 

The treatment of gaming remains fairly articulate: there’s a devoted Game Space actual change to the top edge of the telephone. Essentially flick this and you’ll be taken to Game Space – where you can redo notices, fan control, organize your games, switch on Do Not Disturb, and such.


A major part of the RedMagic 5S advance is its 144Hz revive rate screen. You’ll once in a while see such high revive rate boards available – there’s the Lenovo Legion gaming telephone, as one model, or Xiaomi is presently fiddling with the innovation in its non-gaming line-up, driven by the Mi 10T Pro. 

Regularly telephones have a 60Hz revive rate, for example, that is how frequently each subsequent cycle they cycle through a screen. Various gadgets up to 90Hz – which is a 50 percent help. Others are pushing to 120Hz – multiplying the normal revive rate. So 144Hz is a one-up over that, in specialized terms. 

However, similarly, as we said of the 5G model: the rule of this bodes well, on the grounds that “more equivalents better”, yet in certifiable terms, there’s just such an excess of contrast that your cerebrum can translate. As far as we might be concerned, in this manner, we neglect to see a major leap from 60Hz to 90Hz or 90Hz to 120Hz. Put a 144Hz board close to a 60Hz board and look through some text, in any case, and the thing that matters is clear. So there’s surely some advantage to apparent perfection. 


The RedMagic 5S doesn’t up to its chipset game over the 5G model. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 at its heart is mega incredible, however, there is ostensibly a chance to utilize the Plus variation. So here the loadout is natural, with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM (there is a 12GB variation). The on-board stockpiling is UFS 3.1, however, for quickest access. 

The RedMagic 5S doesn’t truly doesn’t compromise with regards to gaming. The fan and fluid cooling pipe framework can be somewhat uproarious, however, it empowers quicker charging without overheating and all the more remarkable gaming for longer. Can’t say you’ll get that on numerous different telephones. Be that as it may, it is important for the explanation that the RedMagic 5S is somewhat thick in form terms. 

This plan outline makes for a telephone that can deal with that piece more than your normal. Notwithstanding, somewhat like the screen’s one-increasing in the invigorate rate division, regardless of whether you’ll at any point truly need this much force is up for question. The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro is a lot of something very similar, less the fan and lively shadings. 

As far as a battery the 4,500mAh cell in this Smartphone is enormous and the 55W quick charging is really fast (supported by the fan assuming you need it, albeit this can be debilitated). Indeed, even with 144Hz turned on an entire day, including GPS following for quite a long time and some gaming meetings, we’ve actually been getting to the furthest limit of a drawn-out day with around 20% excess. Go hard on the gaming, however, and the battery will be depleted all the faster.


While a ton of telephones are going camera insane of late, tossing all manner of focal points onto the back, the RedMagic 5S keeps things somewhat more basic. To be sure, it’s indistinguishable from the 5G model. 

What you get is a 64-megapixel primary unit, using the Sony IMX686 sensor.

which has been utilized effectively in other top-level gadgets.

In this occurrence, notwithstanding, it’s the handling that lets things down a bit. Of course, there’s the goal to convey detail (at 16MP, an aftereffect of utilizing four-in-one oversampling), however.

The default contrast is unreasonably high and the optics see things mellow towards the edges –

which is the place where detail lessens. 

What we’d truly preferred to have seen, be that as it may, is legitimate use from different optics. The wide point is blocked off and the profundity sensor appears to do little to nothing.

Be that as it may, this is a gaming telephone, not a camera telephone.

so maybe the camera arrangement being far from completely acknowledged is of little worry here.


The RedMagic 5S doesn’t actually offer anything vastly different over the RedMagic 5G model. That is to say: everything’s tied in with gaming and force. 

What’s more, on that front it has all the products for progress: top-rack handling.

incredible cooling, enduring battery life, a customizable gaming space, 144Hz smooth presentation, shoulder triggers, and discretionary extra regulators. 

In any case, while it has that gaming goodness nailed.

it’s in its ordinary structure where the detail does not have: an old-fashioned unique finger impression scanner.

a thick form, and programming that needs refinement – Android Auto will not work for us, for instance. Regardless of whether the 144Hz revival rate is something you’ll really profit from is additionally up for question. 

The RedMagic 5S does what it decides to accomplish: be eye-discovering gaming incredible. In any case, that actually accompanies a series of compromises with regards to ordinary ‘typical use.