QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool

QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool: To Quickly Resolve PDF Errors

QuickBooks is considered one of the best accounting and financing software that comes with a number of powerful and useful tools. One such tool is the QuickBooks PDF repair tool that is specifically programmed to resolve Microsoft components issues that arises when a user tries to save forms or reports as .pdf file from QuickBooks Desktop. Once the QuickBooks PDF Repair tool starts repairing, it automatically fixes the PDF related errors that users might be facing, such.

  • No Response from QuickBooks while trying to save reports or forms as a .pdf file.
  • Offline status of PDF Converter.
  • Error -20, -30 or -41 are appearing during QuickBooks PDF converter activation.

If you’re unable to save your forms or reports as .pdf files, there is no need to worry at all because with the help of QuickBooks PDF repair tool, PDF related errors can be fixed easily. All you need to do is to run the QuickBooks PDF repair tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub. If you want an instant solution, you can get-in-touch with QuickBooks technical experts by calling us on our toll-free customer support number1.855.738.2891

How can you download, install and use the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool to resolve PDF related errors?

Below we’ve mentioned the complete procedure on how you can easily download, install and use the QuickBooks Print and PDF tool to fix the issues that you’re facing while saving your forms or reports as .pdf file.

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Step 1) Get QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is specifically designed to detect and fix common QuickBooks errors. To get the best results, we suggest you to use QuickBooks Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit.

  1. On your workstation, Close QuickBooks if it’s running.
  2. It’s advisable that you download the latest version ( of the QuickBooks Tool Hub as the old version of QuickBooks Tool Hub might not work on your computer. Store the file on your Windows desktop or in the Download folder so that you can quickly locate it whenever you need it.

Note: If QuickBooks Tool Hub is already installed on your computer, you can look at its version so that you can compare it to the latest version ( and upgrade it if needed to get the best results. To check out its version, you can simply visit the About section.

3. Open the file you’ve just downloaded, which comes with a by-default name which is “exe

4. There will be some on-screen instructions that you need to follow and once it’s done, click on agree to terms and conditions.

5. Once the installation is done, open QuickBooks Tool Hub by double-clicking on its icon.

STEP 2) Use QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair tool to resolve PDF related errors

  • Look at the Program Problems option in the QuickBooks Tool Hub and select it.
  • Click on the QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair tool to run it.
  • Now, try to save your forms or reports as .pdf file from QuickBooks Desktop again.


QuickBooks PDF Repair tool is one of the best ways to resolve PDF related errors that not only is easy to use but also takes very less time to detect and fix PDF related errors. We expect that after reading this post, you’ll be able to resolve PDF related errors and continue your work. However, if the error still occurs, you can contact us on our toll-free customer care number (1.855.738.2891) to get help from certified QuickBooks.

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