QuickBooks Error The File Exists

QuickBooks Error The File Exists: Most Comprehensive Guide

..QuickBooks has proved to be highly beneficial for small & medium-sized companies across the world than any other accounting application & the simple reason behind its growing popularity is its advanced tools & user-friendly interface. In addition, fresh updates of this accounting application with enhanced features are also released by Intuit on a regular basis.

Despite all these advantages, some technical errors do crop up in this accounting application & one of these troublesome errors is the ‘QuickBooks Error The File Exists’. This error can actually appear on the screen while performing different operations like obtaining new payroll updates, submitting various federal & state forms, and filing statutory taxes.

It is often very troublesome for QB Desktop users to successfully identify the root cause for this error because it appears while performing a very different set of tasks on the computer.

This article will demonstrate different methods that can be easily implemented to resolve this technical problem on the system.

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Most Common Symptoms That Indicate ‘The File Exists Error in QuickBooks’

‘The File Exists Error in QuickBooks’ can be properly identified through the most common symptoms explained as follows:

  • The first major symptom is that you will get an error message stating that ‘The File Exists’, or in some cases, you may get a different error message like ‘The File you specified cannot be opened’ on the system’s screen.
  • It may become impossible to close windows other than QuickBooks on the system, and the screen may also freeze.
  • The keyboard & the mouse may not function correctly, thereby hampering you from operating the QB Desktop in a normal fashion.
  • Some other services associated with the QB Desktop application will also not function properly on the computer.
  • In some extreme scenarios, the computer may also get suddenly shut down without delivering any on-screen warning.

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Root Causes of the ‘QB Desktop The File Exists Error’ on the Computer

The ‘QB Desktop The File Exists Error’ mainly appears on the system’s screen due to the prominent reasons described as follows:

  • The outdated QB Desktop application has been stated as the most prominent cause of this technical glitch by eminent experts.
  • Not utilizing an admin user account while operating the QB Desktop is also a major cause of this technical error.
  • Major faults in the User Account Control (UAC) settings can also trigger this technical problem on your system.
  • An imperfect internet connection to the computer and incomplete QB Desktop installation are other chief causes of this error.
  • Disabled internet connection settings & inaccurate firewall settings can also provoke this technical glitch on your system.

Advanced Troubleshooting Methods for QuickBooks Desktop The File Exists Error

The ‘QuickBooks Desktop The File Exists Error’ can be suitably exterminated using the troubleshooting methods explained as follows:

Method 1: Completely ensure that your QB Desktop is updated to the latest edition & then operate it in the admin mode

  • In this useful method, you shall need to first launch the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ application on the computer & then you should navigate to the ‘Help’ menu so that you are able to easily click on the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ option on the screen.
  • Just thereafter, a fresh window with the title ‘Update QuickBooks’ will pop up on the system’s screen & on that window, you shall require to strike the ‘Update Now’ menu so that you can eventually tap the ‘Get Updates’ button to obtain the relevant updates.
  • Now, wait until the full QB Desktop updates have been downloaded, and then you can simply restart the QB Desktop application so that you can proceed to successfully install the newly-downloaded QB Desktop updates using the appropriate procedure.
  • Once the installation of the fresh QB Desktop updates has taken place, you must reboot the computer, after which you should move forward to right-click on the ‘QB Desktop’ icon present on the Windows Desktop.
  • At this step, just choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ option very carefully, after which you will operate the QB Desktop application in admin mode & then you will also be able to successfully get the payroll updates as well as state & federal forms.

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Method. 2: Gain full access permissions to the QB Desktop program file (‘QBW32.exe’) on the computer to eliminate this issue

  • First & foremost, utilize the appropriate steps to reach the ‘C: drive’ on your system and then immediately open up the original ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ folder so that you can finally access the QB Desktop program file (‘QBW32.exe’) inside it.
  • Instantly after that, you should right-click on the QB Desktop program file (‘QBW32.exe’) icon so that you are able to easily hit the ‘Properties’ tab, and after that, you must jump to the newly-opened ‘Properties’ window.
  • Now, correctly click on the ‘Security’ menu located inside the ‘Properties’ window on the screen and then simply navigate & tap the ‘Edit’ option inside that menu.
  • Just thereafter, you must hit the ‘Add’ button to write ‘Everyone’ in the on-screen field, and then you should also mark the ‘Full Control’ checkbox, after which you shall just require to click on the ‘OK’ option.
  • At this step, just tap the ‘Add’ button again so that you can type ‘Users’ in the relevant field, following which you will simply check the ‘Full Control’ checkbox; after that, complete the editing process of the settings by clicking on the ‘OK’ option.
  • To finally implement the updated settings of the QB Desktop program file (‘QBW32.exe’), you shall just strike the ‘OK’ & the ‘Apply’ options on the ‘Properties’ window, after which you will be able to do the necessary tasks in your QB Desktop application.

Method 3: Resolve this troublesome technical glitch by switching off the User Account Control (UAC) settings on your system

  • To accurately utilize this method, you shall first require to access the ‘Control Panel’ on the system, and then you will navigate to the ‘User Accounts’ option & then click on it immediately.
  • Afterward, just proceed forward to click on the ‘User Accounts (Classic View)’ option and then instantly move ahead so that you can easily strike the ‘Change User Account Control Settings’ option depicted on the computer’s screen.
  • At this crucial step, simply shift the slider shown on the screen up to the ‘Never Notify’ section so that the User Account Control (UAC) can be turned off immediately.
  • Now, you just need to hit the ‘OK’ option to save the switched-off User Account Control (UAC) settings, after which you can resume the payroll update process in your QB Desktop application successfully.

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Method. 4: Eliminate this problem by re-registering QB Desktop installation files through the execution of the ‘Reboot.bat’ utility

  • To properly utilize the ‘Reboot.bat’ utility, you shall first need to access the original ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ folder, and for that, you must right-click on the QB Desktop icon located on the Windows Desktop, following which you will just require to tap the ‘Open File Location’ option.
  • Thereafter, immediately search for the ‘Reboot.bat’ file inside the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ folder, and once you successfully locate that file, you should just right-click on its icon so that you can eventually strike the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
  • Now, you will instantly observe a command prompt window on the computer’s screen, and you must allow the command prompt window to complete its full execution so that all the relevant QB Desktop installation files get re-registered successfully.
  • Once the re-registration of the QB Desktop installation files is complete through the execution of the ‘Reboot.bat’ utility, you must reboot the computer, and then you can easily file taxes as well as submit state & federal forms.

Method 5: Open the ‘Control Panel’ & then successfully repair the QB Desktop application to fully weed out this technical issue

  • Just properly open up the ‘Control Panel’ on your system and then simply tap the ‘Programs & Features’ tab, following which you can get the full list of various applications & programs installed on the computer using the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.
  • After that, carefully search for the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ icon on that list and then just hit on the ‘QB Desktop’ icon so that you can effectively strike the ‘Uninstall/Change’ button on the computer’s screen.
  • Now, instantly choose the ‘Repair’ option and then follow the procedure depicted on the ‘Control Panel’ window by hitting the ‘Next’ option until the ‘Finish’ option comes up on the screen.
  • As soon as you successfully obtain the ‘Finish’ option, you must tap on it so that your QB Desktop repair process is completed, following which you will just restart the computer, and then you will also be successful in getting the latest payroll service updates & submitting various forms.

Through the valid implementation of these methods, you will be able to easily rectify the ‘QuickBooks Error The File Exists’ on the system. If you need more guidance & help, you can dial 1-855-856-0042 to reach out to our QB Professionals Team.

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