QuickBooks sync manager error

Precise solutions to QuickBooks sync manager error

QuickBooks is an accounting software that takes care of the financial tasks for its users. The data is processed very fast in QuickBooks. It requires constant updating with every transaction, invoice, and other financial task. This data also needs to be updated in the intuit servers. The Intuit sync manager is a utility for regulating the data between QuickBooks and Intuit servers. But sometimes, it can show abnormal behavior, leading to QuickBooks error. If you are also facing a QuickBooks sync manager error in your system, continue reading the blog and learn the causes and resolutions for this error.

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About the issue

The sync manager keeps the QB data updated and synchronized with the servers, which helps when a third-party application connected to QuickBooks requests access to the data. It might face some issues and stop inappropriately. The software might crash or freeze after data synchronization fails.

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Some of the reasons that can be responsible for this error in your QuickBooks are-

  1. Bad connectivity is the main cause for this error, maybe due to poor internet connection, or a firewall is blocking QuickBooks from maintaining a connection.
  2. Intuit sync manager is not updated, or its files are missing or damaged.
  3. QuickBooks has developed internal errors due to a damaged installation or download.


The methods you can use to fix this error in your QuickBooks are-

Solution 1- Change the name of the folder carrying your Intuit Sync Manager files

While accessing the folder to retrieve the program files, there may be some issues. Renaming the folder will help fix this issue. The folder is located in C:\Users\AppData\Local\intuit\SyncManager; go to the folder and refer to the steps below-

  1. Right-click on the folder and select Rename.
  2. Add ‘.old’ at the end of the file name as an extension.
  3. Reopen QuickBooks.

If you still have the error in your QuickBooks, try the next solution.

Solution 2- Remove Intuit Sync Manager from choices in QuickBooks.

Remove the sync manager from preferences to stop it from interrupting you while working in QuickBooks. Follow the steps below-

  1. Open QuickBooks and click on Edit.
  2. Select Preferences in the list and click on Integrated Applications.
  3. Go to the Company Preferences tab, select Intuit sync manager, and click Remove.

Once it is removed, follow the steps to remove the sync settings-

  1. Click on Help and select Manage data sync from the options.
  2. Select Clear sync settings and click Yes.

Try the next solution if the error is still present in your QuickBooks.

Solution 3- Use Quick Fix my program in the QuickBooks Tool hub.

You can always use the QuickBooks Tool hub to fix minor issues with the software. Always remember to use the latest version; proceed to the steps if you already have it-

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool hub and click on Program Problems.
  2. Select Quick fix my program and wait for the process to finish.
  3. Reopen QuickBooks.

The issues will be resolved after using these methods.


We are near the end of this blog that described the QuickBooks sync manager error. The causes for this error were mentioned, along with the precise methods to rectify this error. We expect you to execute all the methods and make your QuickBooks free from error.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to talk to a QB expert at 1.855.738.2784.

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