Photo gallery locker app – Easily Hide Photos in gallery

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If you want to have a private gallery that you can use for viewing and sharing your photos without the rest of the world knowing about it, then you have come to the right place. With the Photo gallery locker app, you can easily hide your pictures in a private gallery that you can use as you wish.

Secret Photo Album

Photo gallery locker app hide Photo Album is a photo galllery app for iPhone users. It’s an all-in-one solution for hiding and organizing photos, videos, and other personal items.

  • The app allows you to lock private photos and videos and encrypts your media in the cloud. You can also add passwords to protect access.
  • Another feature of the application is that it can hide apps and private web browsers, so you can keep them hidden and out of sight.
  • If someone tries to access your device, you can lock the screen and send a break-in alert.
  • You can also customize the name of your vault.
  • The app supports Face ID and Touch ID authentication for security purposes.

Photo gallery locker app is free, and you can get unlimited storage for the first month. After that, you can purchase a subscription to get all features.

  • One of the best features of this app is its built-in private browser. Users can bookmark their favorite sites and add to a secret search history. This way, no one will know what they are looking at.

Another feature is that you can store unlimited photos and videos. It uses military-grade encryption to protect them. Depending on your device’s capabilities, you can even hide videos.

Hide photots is another excellent app for hiding photos.  As with the Secret Photo Album in Photo gallery locker app, it provides solid locking options.

Photo Hide in Gallery

If you have private photos that you’re worrie about sharing with others, you should consider hiding them with a Photo gallery locker app. This app hides your pictures and videos in a secure vault. The process is a bit complex, but the results are well worth the effort.

There are several Photo gallery locker apps. One of them is “Gallery Photots,” which combines the functionality of a regular Gallery with a secret vault. It works by requiring a PIN or password to access the vault.

Another type of photo gallery vault app is Gallery. This allows you to password protect and organize your photos in albums. In addition, it allows you to take photos directly within the app. You can also transfer photos from your phone’s gallery to the app.

Photo gallery locker is a free download. If you’re willing to spend a few dollars, you can purchase the Premium version, which includes cloud storage and the ability to connect to social networks.

  • Photo gallery locker app is one of the most comprehensive gallery-base photo hiding applications available. It offers a secret vault, a secret browser, GPS location tracking, and more. Aside from photos, it can store videos, private contacts, and passwords.

For parents who are concerned about their kids’ online activities, NS Vault can help. With this app, you can prevent sensitive data from being accidentally delete. Also, you can lock your video and notes to prevent others from viewing them.

You may also be interest in Secret gallery. It hides your photos and videos from the lock screen, the gallery, and even the recently used apps list.

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