Onlive Server Provides Affordable Israel VPS Server With A Variety of features.

Onlive Server Provides Affordable Israel VPS Server with A Variety of features

Running your whole company on one web hosting server could be very expensive and time-consuming. Onlive Server provides affordable Israel VPS Server with a variety of features. You can choose from one of our Ready to Run Servers – based on specific specifications to tailor-made Managed Servers. Experience the power of an intelligent engine that makes it easy to get on with your daily activities without worrying about maintenance or troubleshooting issues.

They provide affordable Israel VPS servers with a variety of features. We offer cloud (infrastructure as a service) packages that include root SSH access, unlimited web space and traffic, daily backups, and much more. This Server has been providing these services for 25 years in the industry, giving us an exceptional reputation for reliability & stability.

It is a VPS hosting provider that offers affordable VPS servers with various features. Our billing system is simple, transparent, and easy to use.

These are the most affordable yet popular cloud service providers in Israel. We currently have various VPS server plans, with featured and un-featured programs that suit even the most demanding customers.

A VPS server is a virtual private server, or a virtual platform, where the user has complete control of the operating system and data. The server does not need to be run on the premises of institutions that provide public access. Instead, you can install the software on any server that meets the technical requirements and sells VPS services.

These are similar to shared hosting but have extra features and a higher price tag. It can be thought of as virtual private servers. You can customize how it functions and improve performance by establishing more control over your web server. You’ll also be able to receive traffic from other countries since paying customers are usually located overseas.

What impact can it have on the number of visitors to your e-commerce sites?

The number of visitors to your e-commerce sites can affect the overall profits you make through your website. Server speed and bandwidth availability play a significant role in the performance of these sites.

It provides affordable VPS servers which are ready to use to host your e-commerce website. You can have an effective and inexpensive method for driving traffic and increasing sales by choosing Onlive Server as your e-commerce hosting provider.

We provide affordable VPS hosting solutions to any business with a significant impact on your online traffic and sales.

What are the features?

In today’s cloud computing world, the features required by our clients are changing. Offering a high-quality VPS service at affordable rates is important to us. We aim to help you build or scale your websites or apps at the lowest cost possible in Israel.

It provides affordable VPS servers with a variety of features. These include with a variety of features. It offers professional-grade network technology and support, with fast and reliable services, 24/7 customer service, a customer support team, and multiple data centers worldwide for your virtual data center.

What are the advantages?

  1.  Our key features are RAM, CPU, and Disk, optimized for performance and resource usage.
  2.  We provide monthly offers like data transfer, bandwidth, and domain renewal at low prices
  3. Data protection – all our servers are protected by 24/7 security, firewalls, and fully redundant infrastructure
  4. Easy deployment & management – we provide efficient server setup services, which include hardware configuration, app installation, and necessary ongoing support
  5. Smart backup & recovery – our servers have automated backup systems that you can rely on as we ensure daily backups on our server
  6. Free custom hosting & Domain names
  7. 7. Online Reseller Installation


24*7 customer support

All our 24*7 customer support services are provided by knowledgeable and friendly technicians who’ll be there to guide you through the process.

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We have a variety of features to suit your needs. It offer hosting, virtual private servers, and cloud hosting at affordable prices. We guarantee that our service is fast, reliable, and secure.


There are several benefits to having an affordable Israel VPS hosting provider. First and foremost, you can find a great deal in cost. The second benefit is that it offers better performance.


It provides Cheap Israel VPS Server with various features and support for multiple applications. All our virtual servers are backed by solid hardware and fast memory, making them the most reliable market.