Kaspersky endpoint security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Review

Kaspersky endpoint security has gained popularity because it fits well for medium-sized businesses.

It can work well on window server installations as well with quality protection to Android and iOS devices. We have tried to manifest the main points, which you might consider before getting it.

Features of Kaspresky Endpoint Security

The security solutions come with file, web, e-mail threat protection that acts as a shield against malware, phishing attacks, and other types of attack.

The scanning is done for files that are saved, either opened or running with the outgoing and incoming messages. Besides this, it will monitor internet traffic on the endpoints.

It is a solution for ensuring protection on windows and its servers. One of the jaw-dropping features is rolling back the actions that are performed by malicious software so that you are protected from crypto virus attacks.

The components of the security monitors movement of the apps for blocking malicious activity. Behaviour Stream Signatures are used that hold the actions of apps, which might be dangerous.

The remedial actions are prepared by the solution if any of the activity matches with that of BSS. It also comprises assessment components whose task is to the vulnerabilities on all the endpoints.

Other than the above features, the security solution has a software firewall to manage the network activity and blocking of dangerous network connections.

The Cloud discovery component is another interesting feature though which you can check the use of cloud services on windows endpoints.

Interface and use

The Cloud-based platform can be used to manage Kaspersky endpoint security. The landing page guides the user in taking the necessary steps. Multiple mechanisms are there to deploy the endpoints.

The security profiles have all the parameters to support the operating system, which are divided into two broad categories: security settings and management settings.

Within the security settings, you can enable or enable protection for web, files, and network. If you have an active directory server, you can ask the administrative wizard to deploy the client using it.

As per Kaspersky’s website, the Cloud Plus Platform includes features, such as customization of device control, web control, and encryption management.

Plans and pricing

If you are planning to purchase Kaspersky endpoint security, then you must know that you need to purchase the license for a minimum of ten endpoints.

The protection for ten devices will cost you $322.50 for one year, and if you want protection for more devices, it will cost you more. However, a two-year license will cost you cheaper than buying two different plans.

Another highlighting thing of the security solution is that it does charge extra for the protection of mobile phones. You can have discounts as well, from time to time.

Other than discounts, you can enjoy timely offers as well.

Final verdict

We would like to share that there is nothing major that will disappoint you other than the plans and their features. You cannot expect various useful features in a cheap plan.

With Kaspersky endpoint security, you cannot expect additional privacy apps, which includes VPN, sandbox environment.

We would suggest you kindly go through all the details and your budget if you want to enjoy the latest and useful features.

Though the security solution has some amazing features, you cannot enjoy all of them in one plan. The plan needs to be increased for the security of more devices and more features.

Hope the review will turn beneficial for you!

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