QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

How to Fix Printing Issues With QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

The QuickBooks Print Repair Tool is a sophisticated tool in the software that may help you fix a variety of printing problems in QuickBooks Desktop. You may be unable to print PDFs, cheques, or invoices in a variety of circumstances. You may get rid of these bothersome technical faults and print your papers with ease if you use the QuickBooks PDF & Print repair tool. To print the papers, QuickBooks requires many components such as MSXML, XPS Document Writer, and Print Spooler service. It’s possible that you won’t be able to print within QuickBooks if any of the components aren’t working properly.

Wondering how to fix printing problems in QuickBooks? Dial our QuickBooks error support 1.800.370.1849 and ask your queries to the qualified QB ProAdvisor.

What Issues Can We Fix Using QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool?

The following is a list of some typical printing difficulties that QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool may fix:

  • Issues with formatting that may arise while printing documents
  • Printer printouts that are blank
  • Reports, cheques, or invoices are printed incorrectly.
  • Error: Printer is not responding
  • The Print command in QuickBooks has ceased working.

If you have any printing issues with QuickBooks, using the tool can assist you in resolving the issue.

Before using the QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool, keep the following points in mind:

Before you use the Tool, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • First and foremost, ensure that the printer is turned on and operational.
  • Print from a programme other than QuickBooks to make sure the printer is working.
  • Sometimes, simply restarting the computer is all that is required to resolve the printing issue.
  • Consider the printer error notice that appears on your monitor. Check the “Windows Error Dialogue” or the “QuickBooks Error Dialogue” for the error. For QuickBooks error boxes, you can use the Repair Tool.
  • When a printing problem occurs in QuickBooks with transactions, you may be unable to print reports.

How Do I Use The Print Repair Tool To Fix Printing Issues In QuickBooks Desktop?

Solution 1: Restore the files ‘qbprint.qbp and wpr.ini’

When you back up your QuickBooks company file, you also back up ‘qbprint.qbp’ and ‘wpr.ini.’ To fix the printing problems in QuickBooks, you can restore the printer files. While restoring the printing files, you must not restore an old company file. If your printing problems persist, try using the QuickBooks Printing Repair Tool.

Solution 2: Use a PDF and Print Repair Tool.

First and foremost, make sure QuickBooks is up to date with the most recent maintenance release. Now-

  • Using QuickBooks Tool Hub, go to “www.Intuit.com” and download the QuickBooks PDF and Print repair tools.
  • Create a shortcut to the installation file on your desktop.
  • Install QB’s print repair tool.
  • Run the utility to resolve printing issues once the installation is complete.

Solution 3: Rename the printer file to .Old.

If the printing problems in QuickBooks persist, see if renaming the printer file will help.


  • To begin, locate the qbprint .qbp file in the QuickBooks business folder.
  • Select Rename from the context menu when you right-click on the file.
  • Change the name of the file from qbprint .qbp to qbprint .qbp .old now.
  • Repeat the procedure with the wpr.ini file.

Solution 4: Reset the Permissions on the Temporary Folder

Errors can occur if folder permissions are incorrect. You must specify suitable folder permissions to have full access to the transient folder data. The steps to provide Full Control access to the Temp folder on Windows are as follows:

  • By pressing the Windows and R keys together, the Run window will appear.
  • Enter % TEMP % and hit Enter
  • Select Properties from the right-click menu on the transient folder.
  • Then select the Security tab.
  • On the Security tab, double-check that all user names and groups have Full Control.
  • Set it to Full Control, save it, then try printing a document in QuickBooks as a PDF.

Continue to solution 5 if the PDF and print errors persist.

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Solution 5: Use XPS Document Writer to see whether you can print.

QuickBooks uses sections of your XPS Document Writer to print documents and PDFs, so be sure you can print to it.

  • On your workstation, open Notepad.
  • Select the File tab and type Test.
  • Select Print, then XPS Document Writer from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Print and give the file a name.
  • On your desktop, you’ll see the XPS document that was printed from the notepad.

I’m unable to print from QuickBooks!

Contact our specialists if you are unable to print your documents in QuickBooks or are experiencing technical difficulties using the QuickBooks Print Repair Tool. Call our QuickBooks error support number at 1.800.370.1849 to speak with one of our experts about the problem. After you’ve explained your printing problem, they’ll walk you through the troubleshooting process step by step.