How to Change the Admin Password on My Netgear Router

How to Change the Admin Password on My Netgear Router?

A new NETGEAR router comes pre-configured with factory default settings, such as a default Wifi identifier (SSID) and password, which you may change after the setup process. You may find all default configurations on a label on your router. During initial setup, you have the ability to modify the WiFi network’s default password or SSID. After installation, you can alter the default settings if you keep them by using the router’s web interface.

The admin password you use to access the router’s web interface is different from the WiFi password and SSID. Therefore, it’s crucial to change your password for security and privacy reasons. We are aware that the procedure seems laborious and complicated, but we have distilled the key points so that you will always understand it without a doubt to change password. Additionally, we’ve taught you how to reset your Netgear router to its factory default settings, which you can use to reconfigure your router in the event of an issue or crash.

Change Admin Password on the Netgear Router

You should start a web browser from a computer linked to the router’s network. You may perform the following to alter the hostname (SSID) or WiFi passwords for your NETGEAR router, to change password here is how:

  • Please type
  • A sign-in window appears.
  • Specify your password and user name.
  • admin is the default user name. Your first check-in password is the one you used to access the system. The password must precisely match the user name.
  • The Home page or BASIC Dashboard is shown.
  • Go with wireless.
  • Click Settings > Wireless Setup on routers built by Nighthawk Pro Gaming.
  • Your new network’s name should be entered in the Name (SSID) field.
  • Your new password should be entered in the Password (Network Key) boxes.
  • Tap or click Apply.
  • Your adjustments were saved.

If your device disconnects from your WiFi network after you’ve made your edits, walk through the list of wireless connections once again, then re-connect using the new Wifi key or password. This is how you can change password.

How to Recover the Admin Password?

If your admin password has been altered or lost, you can retrieve it using NETGEAR router password recovery. If you change password, we advise you to enable router password recovery.

  • In order to retrieve your admin password, you must utilize the password recovery option. 
  • Open a web browser on a computer connected to the WiFi network of your router.
  • Your web browser’s address bar should show or
  • There is a window for signing in.
  • Choose CANCEL.
  • The window for recovering the router password appears.
  • For your router, enter the serial number.
  • See What is my NETGEAR home product’s serial number, and how can I find it? discover your router’s serial number.
  • Select GO FORWARD.
  • Input the requested security information.
  • Choose CONTINUE.
  • The admin password is visible.

Retreieve the Admin Password

The information on how to recover your admin password is provided below.

Notably, Safari browsers are not supported in this process; only Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome should be opened on a device connected to your router’s WiFi network. Use either or as the URL.

Type or into the bar of the browser, then hit Enter.

  •  A window for logging in will appear.
  • A sign-in window appears.
  • The window for recovering the admin password for your NETGEAR router will open.
  • It launches the NETGEAR Router Administrator Password Recovery window i.e change password.
  • I need to get my NETGEAR administrator password back. your NETGEAR router’s serial number, please.
  • For your router, enter the serial number. The router’s label has it inscribed on it.
  • Then click Next.
  • Choose CONTINUE.

The admin password for a NETGEAR router is located. Your administrator password is visible. Save the password you just saw.

Your password will be copied or saved i.e change password has been implied.

Change login credentials?

Follow the steps below to set your chosen username and password:

  • Select Set Password under Settings > Administration.
  • You can choose a password.
  • The fields on the Set Password page must be filled out.
  • Tap Apply.
  • change password is accomplished.

To restart your NETGEAR cable modem or modem router, follow these instructions:

  • The router for your cable modem should have a Reset button on it.
  • Use a paper clip or other similar object to hold down the reset button for around seven seconds.
  • Your cable modem router will restart if you press and hold the Reset button until it does.
  • The configuration is restored to its factory defaults. You have further change password or change the admin password.

Thus we have seen how to change password. For more queries and information, get in touch with our team.