How Dedicated Server Atlanta Secures Your Business Website?

How Dedicated Server Atlanta Secures Your Business Website?

Choosing a Server to host the website is really a challenging task because there are many servers available to host your website. 

When you choose the incorrect server to host the website this will affect your website performance so take some time, analyze your website requirements, and choose the best server to host your website. 

The popular servers are Shared Server, VPS Server, and Dedicated Server. You choose the server according to your website’s needs and type of business. 

On the website, security is an important factor because day by day cyberattacks are increasing so you need that type of server which give high security to the website. 

 For security purposes, a Dedicated Server is the best choice to choose they give 100% assurance.

Here in this article, you will learn about why Dedicated Server Atlanta is the most secure alternative for your business website and will also provide you tips on how to keep your website secured. 

What Do You Mean By Dedicated Server Atlanta? 

An Atlanta Dedicated Server is one of the most high-performance hosting alternatives available. Using a dedicated server is like living in your own house. Nobody can bother you, you have the complete authority of your resources and you can do any customization as per your needs. On the other hand, a  shared server is similar to a shared apartment where you have to share everything with your roommates resulting in limited authority and privacy. 

When You Buy A Dedicated server In Atlanta from a trusted service provider it gives the following benefits such as:- 

  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Connections that are faster
  • Virus Attacks are less likely
  • Control over the Server

Additional Benefits Of Dedicated Server Atlanta 

A Best Dedicated Server Atlanta gives various benefits to the website. With the use of these benefits a website improves its performance and generates more revenue. Here are some features of Dedicated Server Atlanta.

  • Security

One of the best features of an Atlanta Dedicated Server is security. You need not share a server with another user and you may easily safeguard the privacy of consumer data and information.

Also, you can install additional security applications to maintain the security. 

  • No Shared Resources

When you use a Shared server, your Website resources are shared with a number of other users located over the server. It means the RAM, CPU, and processing power all are shared with another site. 

Your website’s performance will be badly affected by the other website which is using bad scripts that use up a lot of memory of the server. This is will affect your website speed. The pages on the website take longer to load.

With the Best Dedicated Server Atlanta, you are not obligated to share your server. By that, others sites won’t affect the loading speed of your site.

Increased Site Speed

If you use a dedicated server then your website’s speed will increase in certain ways the webpage loading and icons, and all other page elements will load much faster compared to other hosting types.

Improve SEO

I think you will know that search engine crawlers give more importance than websites that load the pages in a few seconds like 3 to 4 seconds. This will increases the chances that your website ranks in the Top SERPs results.

This can only be done with the help of Cheap Dedicated Server Atlanta.  

Direct impact on conversion rate, revenue, and user experience

Conversion rate, revenue, and user experience are all affected by site performance in the following ways:

  • A slow site cannot get more traffic
  • Each incremental second of load time resulted in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • When your website gives one more second to load the pages this will result in a 16% loss in customer satisfaction and 11% fewer page views. 
  • 46% of people say that leave an e-commerce website because the website cannot load the pages within a few seconds. 

There are Some Ways to Add Security in The Dedicated Server Atlanta

There are Some Ways to Add Security in The Dedicated Server Atlanta

  • Install DDOS Protection

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack overloads a web server by flooding it with false traffic.

When the server can’t keep up, the site suffers from increased latency or, in the worst-case scenario, crashes.

57% of the companies facing the DDOS Attacks problem for this definitely need DDOS protection. 

DDoS protection can usually be purchased in stages, depending on the size of the attack you want to avoid. Some hosting companies, such as Reliable Site, even include free basic DDoS protection with all of their dedicated hosting plans against attacks of up to 20 Gbps.


  • Log in Using a Trusted Network Only

Always consider the security of the network you are utilizing while getting into your dedicated hosting account. This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make your server more secure.

If you are using public wifi so avoid entering your username and password or any other which are not secure. 

Only use a trustworthy network to log into your hosting account, and be sure that all other allowed users do the same.

* Check For Security Updates and Patches 

If you’re in the habit of clicking “remind me later” when you receive notifications for security updates or patches, you could be putting your site at risk. As soon as these security measures become available, make sure to apply them.

I suggest that these updates are checked on a regular basis. This will take only some time but they provide more security. 

For a long time, you cannot use that type of files, software and programs so delete them. This will ensure that this file is not put on you in danger. 


If you are looking for any type of hosting that host’s website so you have a choice of dedicated Hosting among  Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. This hosting is fully secured and no other user except you uses all the hosting resources. A dedicated server also gives various benefits such as flexibility, Unique IP address, and scalability. Choosing a dedicated Server depends on website traffic. Suppose you have a website that receives a large amount of traffic a dedicated server is the best choice to go for.