Hampta Pass | A 5 Day Adventurous Trek From Manali

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On the Pir Panjal mountain range, Hampta Pass is located at an associate degree altitude of 4270 m (14039 ft). It’s a narrow low corridor that connects Lahaul’s Chandra valley and Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu valley. The most distinctive features of this expedition include vertical rock walls, cascades, hanging glaciers, pinewoods, shrub timberlands, wide meadows, small lakes, and peaks soaring above 6000 metres.


The trip begins within the inexperienced Kullu natural depression and crosses over, through Hampta Pass leads to Lahaul’s drier region. 


 The trip takes hikers over glaciers, briskly- flowing streams, and problematic passages, though is yet considered fit for match beginners. on the far side of Hampta Pass, backpackers will decide to extend their trip towards the charming Chandratal lake. 


 The nearest capital is Manali, in Himachal Pradesh. maximum itineraries embody transport from Manali to Jobri, from wherever the trip begins. laying on the trip itinerary, it takes 3 – 4 days to finish the trek. a number of the stops square measure naturally done at Chika, Balu Hindu deity Gera, Chatru, etc.


Day 1

 (Manali to Jobri is 19 km and the drive takes approx 45 mins. 

Jobri to Chikka takes 3 – 4 hours)

 It’s a Short drive from Manali, passing through Prini, Sethan, and Jobra. The road ends near Jobri, and hikers will have to cross a small stream and begin the trip from there. The route passes through mixed woods of pine, maple trees, and ultimately runs along the Hamta stream. The 1st day’s trip ends at Chikka. There’s a fall close to the campground so you’ll enjoy the amazing view along the campground. 


 Day 2 

(We’ll go from Chikka to Balu ka Ghera which takes normally 5 – 6 hours) 

2nd Day’s route is a ascent along the Hamta river towards Jwara meadows. This is normally a refreshment or a lunch stop. There’s a sheepherders’ cabin and a tea shop presently. The trip starts from Chikka to Balu ka Ghera. This is normally a night stop for the backpackers. It’s the spot from where people get their first glance of Hampta pass. 


 Day 3

 On the 3rd day we will go from Balu Ghera to Shea goru, cross Hampta pass which takes normally 7 – 8 hours) The ascent for the 3rd day is gradual, but can get steep as backpackers approach the pass. It’ll take about 3-4 hrs to reach Hampta Pass. From the pass, backpackers will be capable of seeing Indrasan Peak and a limited number of more famous peaks. It’s usually windy and cold in the Pass, so most groups do not stay for long. There’s a steep descent of about two hours from presently into the Lahaul valley. The camp at Shea Goru directly is the stop for the night and is considered one of the most scenic campgrounds on the trip. 


 Day 4 

(Shea Goru to Chhatru, 5 hours) Cold glacial melt river crossing near Shea goru and farther trail descend through boulders of rocks, moraine to the valley floor.Alongside  the bank of Chandra River to Chhatru. The trip ends at Chhatru. numerous itineraries include a visit to Chandratal lake. Chatru to Chandratal distance is 46 km. Those looking to visit Spiti valley. There’s a bus between Manali-Kaza, which runs every day. Chhatru to Kaza distance is 119 km. Those who want to visit Keylong and further expedition to Leh. First, I need to go to Gramphoo 17 km or add 5 km to Koksar. calculation of buses run to Keylong from Manali. 


Day 5 – Nako camping area 


 Visit , one in all the foremost spectacular places you might have ever been to. It is capable of observing the habitation of the kings of this small princedom who still reside on the banks of the river, likewise as its market and temples. When seeing a spectacular daylight in front of the spectacular peaks of the Himalayas, we tend to leave for Nako.Go  to visit the Dhankar monastery. 


 Arrive in Tabo. There between the massive scree we tend to stay nearly a numerous hours, seeing what happens and if the mountain was finished falling. The rise is long, nevertheless the scene is unbelievable and we ultimately reach the little megacity of Nako. 

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