[FlexClip] I searched for an online tool that allows you to edit videos like PowerPoint

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[FlexClip] I searched for an online tool that allows you to edit videos like PowerPoint

“FlexClip,” a video editing online software to review because I received the request from “PearlMountain,” will deliver the impression I to experiment in the user’s eyes.

What kind of service is “FlexClip” this time? So, this is the service overview.

What kind of video can you make with “FlexClip”?
There are animations, pictograms, and various antelope types, so I think it’s a video that you won’t get tired of watching.
“FlexClip” can make such a moving video in 30 minutes, even for beginners of video editing.
Below, we will explain the detailed outline and features of this service.

About the developer “Pearl Mountain.”
First of all, those who are interested will briefly touch on the interested service developer.
The developer is “Pearl Mountain,” a software development company in Hong Kong.

We have developed much software such as software for Mac and Windows and online apps such as “FlexClip” introduced this time looking at the company website.
Some people may already be using it daily.

Since it is an online video editing tool for uploading private videos, security and reliability are of concern, but it seems that the company has a solid identity.

There are “free plan” and “paid plan.”

I was personally interested in the download quality and FlexClip intro due to the free plan’s restrictions.
The image quality of 480p is unfortunate considering when 5G will become widespread, and high-quality videos will become commonplace.
I want at least 1080p Full HD image quality.
The demo video was created with a free plan and had 480p image quality for reference of image quality.

The FlexClip intro is the FlexClip logo movie for about 4 seconds from the above video’s start.
If it is a free plan, it will be forcibly inserted at the beginning of the video when downloading the created video.
This movie itself can be customized (text can be edited), and it’s stylish and fashionable, but I wonder if it bothers me.

The paid plan is a subscription billing system.
If you are a stubborn user, I feel that the price-setting is not so high.
However, I think everyone is reluctant to charge for the first service suddenly, so I wonder if it is better to try various things with the free plan and then consider it.
Doesn’t the tightness limit the free plan? However, in terms of functionality, it can be used in general, and you can even download the finally created video data.
As mentioned earlier, the FlexClip lego movie is automatically added to the beginning of the video, and the video can be up to 1 minute long.

Features of FlexClip
Below, I will introduce the points that I felt were unique to “FlexClip”.
No installation required
Since it is a so-called web application, there is no need to download and install the software on your computer.

It can be used on low-spec PCs
Normally, video editing software does not work properly if the computer specifications are low, but since “FlexClip” is processed on the web, there is no problem even if the machine power is low.
All you need is a spec that allows you to play videos online, so if you have a computer that can view YouTube normally, you can use it without any problems.
Also, even with a high-spec computer, the cooling fan will growl at the time of writing, which is the final video editing process, but it is also good that such processing is done on the web so that it does not burden your computer.
You can do other work while exporting the video without any problem.

Operation feeling and UI like PowerPoint
When I touched “FlexClip” for a while, I felt that the operation feeling was “similar to something”.
Yes, it’s Microsoft’s presentation slide maker PowerPoint!

I felt that it was a very excellent user interface that made it possible to use the operation feeling of PowerPoint more intuitively, and even people who have never edited videos can somehow do it while touching it. ..
I think it is very well thought out and designed.

Specializing in short movie editing
With the increasing popularity of short videos that can be viewed and enjoyed on SNS such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, “FlexClip” allows you to edit short movies online quickly and easily matches the needs of the world today. I feel it.
Also, because we focused on short movie editing, it can be said that it was established as a service that users can easily handle and can be completed online.
Abundant templates and materials
This abundance of templates and materials is what makes FlexClip the best feature.
Especially the template is excellent, select the one you like from more than 1,000 types of templates and replace the video and text, and you will have a wonderful movie in a blink of an eye!

However, it is categorized by usage and scene to find your favorite template easily, and you can also search by keyword, so it is easier to reach something close to the image.
The following materials are also available for free use.
Video, still image
Top (subtitles)
Decorative parts such as pictograms
Decorative cover
There are many videos and music, but they are finely categorized and have many filtering functions, such as keyword search.
Even so, it’s simply amazing to be able to use this much video and music as a free material.
You can create a video even if you don’t have any material at hand.

You can also use videos and logo data you shot yourself.
It is natural, but you can use materials such as videos and music and image data prepared on their own.
By the way, all the demo videos created this time were created using the materials prepared by “FlexClip” except for the watermark logo on the lower left.
Screen recording and shooting with the built-in camera are also possible.
What “FlexClip” edit screen from the screen recording (OK also the entire monitor from a particular window) can also shoot, can be used as immediate material as it is.
Is this a very useful function when making a video explaining how to operate the application?
You can also take an instant shot with the built-in camera (web camera) of your PC.

Recommended for editing such videos
I think “FlexClip” is suitable for editing the following types of videos from the above features.
YouTube video opening and ending
Blog commentary movie
Wedding movie
Surprise movie for relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.
Video manual
The last two are likely to be usable even within the free plan’s limits as long as they are divisible by relatives and in-house use.

FlexClip is not good.
I wish it could be used on mobile devices because it is a tool that can be completed online, but at the time of writing, it was not compatible with both smartphones and tablets.
It may be difficult for smartphones to narrow down the functions due to the display’s size, but I feel that tablets can create a UI that is similar to the operation feeling on a PC, so I look forward to future updates!

I wrote a lot, but the strangest thing was that I could edit videos online so much! I was surprised.
Compared to typical video editing software that runs locally, such as Adobe’s Premiere and After Effects, the editing ability is a big difference. Still, it is better to think of it as a completely different thing rather than comparing it in the first place.
The biggest feature of “FlexClip” is the user interface that allows people who do not have video editing skills to easily edit videos and output them as fashionable videos because they can only edit in a certain way.
I hope this article will be helpful to anyone.