QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Constantly

Does Your QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Constantly? [Problem Solved]

The QuickBooks keeps crashing issue is the most common issue reported by QuickBooks users. The problem does not have a particular trigger and a lot of reasons can be behind the QuickBooks crashing problem. If your QuickBooks app keeps crashing when opening or attaching company files, or QuickBooks closes unexpectedly, we are going to provide you with reasons why this happens and solutions to effectively get rid of the issue. Keep reading this article to resolve the problem and resume working on the QuickBooks application with ease.

If you are unable to perform the steps and need help with the same, you can contact our support team at 1.855.738.2784 for immediate assistance.

Why Does QuickBooks Shut Down When Opening?

The various possible reasons why the QuickBooks crashing problem takes place are –

  1. You are trying to mail a large or a bulky report.
  2. You are working in multiple report centers.
  3. Multiple reports are being used simultaneously.
  4. You are switching from one invoice to another without saving the previous one.

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Solutions for Addressing the QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Problem

You can eliminate the crashing issue by following the solutions provided below –

Solution 1 – Perform a QuickBooks Desktop Repair

Repair your QuickBooks Desktop and resolve the QuickBooks closes unexpectedly issue by doing the following –

  1. From the Control Panelof the Run window, go to the Programs and Features
  2. A drop-down list will appear, choose QuickBooksand select the Uninstall
  3. Click on Yesand press Next to choose the Repair
  4. Let the repair run and once done, press Finishand access QuickBooks.

Solution 2 – Install Updates on the QuickBooks Application

For this, go to the Settings tab from the Windows Start menu. On the Update and Security tab, select Check for Updates and access the QuickBooks Help menu. Now, select Reset Update and Get Updates to update your QB application.

Solution 3 – Make a New Copy of Your Company File

Copy your company file to the newly created folder. This will resolve the QuickBooks keeps crashing issue caused by a damaged company file folder.

  1. Make a new folder on your Desktop and name it.
  2. Copy your company file by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy.
  3. Go to the new folder and Pastethe copied file into it.
  4. Hold the Ctrlkey and wait for the No Company Open window to appear.
  5. Select Open or Restore an existing companyfrom the menu and press Next.
  6. Go to the copied file on your Desktop and access the company file from there.

Solution 4 – Run the Server Manager from the Tool Hub

This helps in fixing any network issues causing QuickBooks shuts down when opening issue.

  1. Download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Huband install the .exe
  2. Once installed, open the tool hub and go to the Network Issues
  3. Select QuickBooks Database Server Manager and run the tool to fix the issues.
  4. Wait for it to finish and run the QuickBooks Desktop application again to see if the problem is solved.


The steps given above will easily fix the QuickBooks keeps crashing issue. If you still experience the problem, you can take help from our expert team for resolving the problem by contacting us at 1.855.738.2784.

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