Car Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your Car Functioning In Summer?

Summers are approaching to flood every turn and every depth with scorching heat. Some will reek of sweat so might need car repair services. Ice-creams will melt, and cars will suffer from the extremity of being roasted. As the temperature rises, your car struggles to breathe in fresh air to remain cool and comfortable. It is even harder when palm trees shy away from your vehicle, and it becomes harder to survive until AC kicks in!

Amidst harsh weather, you can show your car some appreciation with world-class car repair services in Dubai. We have listed down car maintenance tips to eradicate the stress of spending a hefty amount on car repairs and detailing services.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Counter The Bug Splatter car repair services

As the temperatures somersault towards the sky, take into account the high bug traffic areas of your car. There are areas that take the most heat from the road! It can be windshields or headlights as insects frequently attack their surface.

Consequently, the visibility diminishes. Contributing to the treacherous nature of glared sunlight, your driving experience becomes as strenuous is climbing a mountain with no support.

If your windshield wipers are leaving streaks on the glass, replace your wipers. Wipers are worn out due to harsh temperatures and dusty environments. Then, grab a towel and glass cleaner to clean the windshield.

As a result, you will get rid of all the bugs. Most importantly, inspect your car’s grill because it is a good place for insects to form their new home. In addition, avoid postponing the car cleaning day because the more you delay, the more mess you have to deal with.

Wax is Melting car repair services!

Ice cream is not the only thing that is melting this season. While summer is excellent for pool partings, it is tormenting your car wax because heat causes the wax to dry exceptionally fast. Once the black paint of your car absorbs sun rays and welcomes a sky-high temperature of 190 degrees, you can kiss goodbye to your car wax.

To restore it, clean the exterior of your ride for any dirt and debris. Then, envelop it in a shady place to coat it with wax. If you notice that the wax is not lasting longer, you might need a paint cleaner.

The cleaner is a helping hand that works just like wax, but you must remove it immediately. It will remove all the contaminants that survived the jolts of the initial car wash. Consequently, the car wax will last longer and shine brighter under the summer skies.

Keep The Engine Cool

The key survival tip is to keep your engine cool. Under dire summer days, the temperature under the hood can increase by a million folds. The metal parts, engulfed within the hood, can begin to melt and fuse together, which will give rise to various internal problems. Finally, hefty repair bills are written down in your destiny.

Surprisingly, modern automobiles have an indigenous cooling system that involves the usage of a chemical coolant and a series of hoses, thermostats, pumps, fans to maintain an optimal engine temperature. However, it requires maintenance. A slightly lower coolant, cracked hose, loose belts, a leakage in the radiator or a missing radiator cap can heat the engine like a fuming volcano.

Above all, summer is tough on cars, especially while stuck in traffic. Therefore, check under your hood and ensure that the coolant level is adequate. The fundamental rule is to flush out the radiator and add a new coolant after every two years.

The coolant should be a mixture of antifreeze and water for summer driving. You can buy a pre-mixed coolant, so you don’t have to endure the headache of precise measurements.

Air Conditioning Will Calm The Tempers!

If your air conditioner ever ditches you on a hot day, you will know the difference that a little cool air can make. The best way to identify a malfunctioned air conditioner is when it struggles to maintain an air temperature that is at least 10 degrees Celsius below the outside air temperature.

To troubleshoot your air conditioning system, inspect the filters in the car’s engine compartment and clean any debris that is clogging the filters. Most importantly, don’t rely on DIY hacks. Instead, seek the help of a car professional.

Drive Away!

In summers, the harsh sun rays can cause a lot of damage to your car. It can either be internal or external. Thus, you must engage in devoted car cleaning sessions over the weekends to keep the temperatures optimized during hot days. In case the DIY tricks are not yielding results, it is time for you to book an appointment for tyre shop near me services. It will address all your issues and restore the glory of your car!