Best Time to do Kedarkantha Trek- Season Wise

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Kedarkantha Trek in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand remains operational for almost 10 months in a year. Kedarkantha has earned its name for one of the best winter treks not only in India but the entire world. The main reason being the unique snow trail it offers that remains accessible even in the winter season. Another factor adding to its popularity is its terrain being beginner friendly. You don’t need to be a seasonal trekker to conquer the summit of Kedarkantha. 

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However, Kedarkantha provides you with varied charisma in different seasons. This can be seen as the biggest plus point which makes Kedarkantha favourable among trekkers. Let’s look into the season wise experience of Kedarkantha Trek.

 Winter Season:

 Let’s begin with the most popular season for the Kedarkantha Trek. As you begin your hike from the base, Sankri Village, you will see the snow trail that leads right to the top. The trek looks exciting right from the start which will motivate you to climb the looming summit of Kedarkantha peak at a daunting height of 12,500 ft. Even though the chilling temperature might look ominous before starting the trek but as you make your way through the hike and ascent will be enough to work you up and keep you warm with the adrenaline rushing through your veins. If the weather conditions are favourable, you can even get a chance to experience the rare snowfall. Sing your heart out the chorus of ‘dashing through the snow’ you learned as a kid. Tall pine trees are covered in snow giving you an adventurous experience. The walk under the clear blue sky through snow carpeted land will surely give you something to remember.

As you reach the top, you can get a 360-Degree view of the Himalayan peaks covered in snow. The sun-rays falling on the snow-clad mountains making them glow golden almost look ethereal.

 Spring Season:

 Many trekkers prefer going for a summit climb of Kedarkantha during spring season to experience the hassle-free hike to the top. The weather conditions are comparatively mild and pleasant which makes spring to be the next favourable season. The melting snow on the mountains still looks quite captivating as you see it from the top. The surroundings are haze-free and the mornings are radiant. The blue-sky is clear as crystal and you can enjoy your snow-free trail. The sunset and sunrise bring out best of colours in the sky. Spring can be marked as weather pleasant ride with warm morning and cold nights. The residual snow makes the surrounding colourful with the green meadows.

 Summer Season:

 Summers are always best to escape from the heat in the city and Kedarkantha provides a perfect get-away adventurous trek. The hint of snow is no longer to be seen making the trail all the more hassle free. The green forests are at its best with lush flora and fauna. The open field and meadows give you pleasant trekking experience during summers. The mornings are warm with temperature going up to 20-Degree Celsius. However, the night still remains comparatively cold with a clear sky offering you a star-studded night. Some of the peaks still retain some of the snow at its peak and you can watch it turning golden with the sunrise. By the end of May, you can expect sudden rainfall, so be prepared with your ponchos and raincoats.

 Autumn Season:

 As the post monsoon season starts to set in, you can see the green meadows starting to turn golden. The air gets crisper, a tell-tale sign of autumn. The Kedarkantha summit climb turns more beautiful with the changing colour of the trail. The pine trees turn golden brown offering a beautiful campsite among the mountains. The golden meadows, colourful forest and mountain peaks are something worth experiencing in Kedarkantha trek. The temperature starts to fall with occasional rainfall in the month of September. The trek days get considerably shorter and you can feel the beginning of winter season. The weather starts getting cold and the nights are freezing but the beautiful view from the top of the vibrant colours from the top makes it all worthwhile.

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 All in all, if you pick any season for your trip to Kedarkantha, the trekking trail would not disappoint you. The different seasons cater to different aspects of the trekking experience in the Himalayas. However, the heavenly look from the top of the Kedarkantha during winter season always tops the list with its snow covered abode of mountains.