5 Online Business Ideas for 2022

5 Online Business Ideas for 2023

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Since the pandemic hit, we have all learnt the luxury of booking products and services online. adapting to the new normal, some startups fueled their online ventures and their side gigs have now become revenue-generating machines.

If you too want to start an online business in 2022, here are 5 trending ideas to choose from:

1.      App-based Online Business

Apps are one of the most lucrative businesses ventures for this decade. You get an epic idea, hire a mobile app development company, choose a development platform, seek inspiration for features and design and go ahead.

This business requires hefty investment, but the ROI is worth all the financial resources, time and effort. But the success of these ventures partly depends on a great idea and partly on the right execution.

For success in 2022, you can choose to start a delivery app for sub-niche items, for example artificial plants, modular furniture, art pieces, VR tech accessories or some special kind of tacos.

Then discuss your idea with a team, conduct a thorough market research and competitor analysis, set milestones, decide payment structures and start with technical development right away.

2.      Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce business is another profitable niche that doesn’t require an investment as hefty as mobile apps. For starting an ecommerce business, you’ve got plenty of options including:

Reselling niche or sub-niche products

Creating handicrafts or art pieces and selling them on social media

Starting an online ecommerce website

Creating a marketplace and providing a platform to sellers and buyers

But before you actually order products and start selling, you’ll have to create a business plan and research where you can source items on low prices. Also, you’ll have to plan your investment budgets, profit margins, prices, delivery channels and other order management details.

3.      Digital Consultancy

Providing online consultancy is good for service professionals like doctors, business coaches, nutritionists, interior decorators, lawyers and so on. Now for this business, you can choose to start a website or a social media handle and book appointments. Later when you grow, you can scale with an app and stay connected to your customers 24*7.

To monetize this business model, you’ll have to decide pricing packages. For example: premium memberships, per appointment charges, etc.

4.      Online Courses

If you have a skill or degree which could benefit others emotionally or financially, there is no right time than now to turn it into an online course and capitalize on it.

You can choose to teach from hundreds of niches like digital marketing, emotional well-being, self-care, life transformation or academics like coding, website development, first-aid etc.

5.      Blog and Affiliations

Blogging is another online business that’s growing in popularity because of the low investment. All you need is a niche to blog about, keywords, a domain and a hosting service to start with.

Later when your blog starts to attract audience, you can choose to monetize it through Google Adsense or start partnerships to sell affiliate products. This way, you’ll get a percentage of their profit from every product that sells through your link.

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