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5 Best Tips to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling


Nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of an exciting overseas adventure. You can read blog posts and watch YouTube videos to plan your adventure. However, every overseas trip must involve some administrative tasks such as preparing all important documents. It is important to have all of your documents organized and secure for your entire trip. Lost passports can ruin your plans and keep you at the embassy instead of exploring. So, what is the best way for important documents to be carried on a trip? – Well, think no more. In this article we will share 5 best tips to keep your passport safe while traveling, so you don’t have to worry about it too much and enjoy your trip to its fullest.

In the meanwhile, take your time to check out the latest EU Travel regulations and requirements on ETIAS Website. It will also help you to apply for Schengen Visa-Waiver if you are eligible for it.


Have a Full Scan of Your Passport Before Leaving to a Destination

Scan all pages of your passport, including the personal details page, to speed up the process for replacing lost or stolen passports. You can scan your passport and then place it in your Dropbox or Google Docs account. This will give you worldwide access, if necessary.

You want to quickly prove your identity in order to obtain a new passport at your local embassy.

In case you need to replace or reapply for a long-term visa, make sure you include it. You can also take photographs of your passport pages to keep on your phone. This is an option that is riskier if your phone is stolen or lost and it is not fingerprinted or password protected.


Leave the Passport at Hotel Unless You Really Need It

Your passport should only be taken with you when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it should be kept safe. Keep your passport safe and secure. Keep your passport in your travel bag or purse, and keep it in a zippered compartment.

It should not be carried in your bag, where pickpockets can quickly gain access to it.

Keep your passport safe and away from prying eyes. This pocket is known as the “sucker pockets” and it’s a good thing. It is best to keep your passport safe by concealing it under your clothing in an anti-theft pouch, money belt, or purse.


Beware of Fake Police Scams

Fake police officers scams have been around for some time. If you aren’t careful, you might fall for them. They exploit your inability recognize a genuine police uniform. If you’re overseas, would you be able to tell the difference? They will do anything to convince you that they are police officers. They will ask for your passport and have a conversation with you – just like a police officer. It is a scam to take your passport. This scam isn’t very common.


Act Naturally While Having Your Important Documentation with You

Do not act as if you are carrying an important item. Don’t discuss confidential or sensitive documents in public. You should not expose the documents to the public.

You should also ensure that confidential documents are not left unattended in your hotel room, rental car, or planes. Keep your confidential documents secure by locking them in a lock and key. You can secure your documents in hotels’ safes. You can also place your documents in a bag secured with a lock.


Never Put Passport in Luggage at the Airport

Dishonest hotel staff, airline employees and other people may steal or take your luggage. We recommend that you always keep your passport with you when traveling.

Here’s a simple example of a passport security error.

Imagine, you put Your passport in your carry-on bag and you board a shuttle bus to take you from the airport to your hotel. The bus will stop at a destination prior to yours. At that point, someone takes your bag by mistake (or purposely) and gets off. Your luggage was at the back of the bus or shuttle van, so you didn’t see the theft or mistake. Keep your passport safe by always keeping it on you or in a secure bag.




Traveling is all fun and games, however, keeping your documents safe is the most important pre-cursor for enjoying the trip. Considering these best tips to keep your passport safe will help you feel more secured and avoid a lot of bureaucratic hardships. We hope that these tips will help you in your planning and you will have a wonderful vacation wherever you are traveling to.