10 Features That You Must Have In Your Fitness App

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According to stats, the number of fitness app users is expected to reach US$987 million by 2023. The revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate at a CAGR of 5% in a market volume of US$ 20,499m by 2024.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing best than fitness apps. Expert says that people spend more than 5 hours a day on average on mobile application. We can say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a difficult task people are more aware of their health than before so that they can become strong and healthy.

Apple has recently released fitness+ services that assist people in getting fit even when they are away from the gym. This is available for 15 countries. Plus, Amazon has also announced wearable to help users to become fit. These giants are supporting fitness trends which is why fitness is becoming billion dollar industry.

Motivating, right?

Moreover, if you want to launch your fitness app in the market, now is the right time to find a perfect niche and successfully launch your fitness app. Because people are interested in taking proper nutrition, exercising, and mindfulness to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In this blog, we shall be discussing what a custom fitness app is and types of fitness apps, and the features that you want to include in your fitness app.

Let’s go!

Fitness market app overview

A recent report from Statista shows increasing market demand for fitness and well-being apps. The total revenue reached almost $25.38Bn in 2023 and is expected to grow at a growth rate of 14.72% while reaching a market volume of 43.96Bn by 2026.

More info from Statista:

  • The fitness app global market net worth of US $ 14.7 billion is forecast by 2026.
  • It anticipated growing at a rate of 23% CAGR through the forecast period.
  • The revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate at a CAGR of 7.2% resulting in a market volume of US$3,072m in 2023.


What is a custom fitness app?

As you can see from the above market statistics, the demand for fitness apps is increasing day by day. Users are looking for smart fitness solutions that help them in advanced fitness training sessions so that they can achieve physical wellness. That’s when custom fitness apps came as a savior, it makes it easier for people who might not have access to the fitness center or gyms. These apps provide workouts and exercises at home and also measure progress and track the workout via wearable regardless of their location.

Fitness app development company develops on-demand fitness app that makes your fitness business professional. However, before approaching fitness app Development Companies decide on a niche because the fitness industry has several scopes in the field.

Let’s look at the types of fitness apps:

1. Personalized fitness apps

This app provides you with personal fitness trainer services. It’s easy for you to access workout sessions anywhere, anytime at your convenience.


Personal trainer app



With this app, you can take fitness sessions anywhere and anytime. The key feature of this fitness app is to provide you with a perfect workout plan as per your health criteria.



Gym workout app



Gym Workout sessions can be easily created by this app.


Yoga app and mindfulness app



The yoga app offers daily yoga activities with pre-loaded videos and live streams. Moreover, mindfulness apps are great for meditating.



2. Tracker apps

Fitness tracking apps are the most trending app among the entire fitness app. These apps are built for tracking user activity and fitness sessions.

Running tracker App



It tracks the routes of the user. The run tracker app collects the user’s information about the step walked, distance, running speed, and calories burned.

Cycling tracking app



It can record the ride, users can build their routes. Also, users can get daily weekly, and monthly reports of their progress.

Gym tracker app


This app records the daily activity of your gym sessions and helps you in achieving your gym fitness goal.


  1. Nutrition and diet apps


A healthy diet and proper nutrition intake will help you in maintaining your health. Moreover, the main purpose of nutrition and diet apps is to plan the amount of nutrition intake for the entire day.



Weight loss app



This app helps the user to lose weight and guides them to maintain their body fat.


Apps for gym



If you are finding the tips on muscle gain. This app helps the user to gain muscle and maintain their weight.


So with the help of these trending fitness apps, you can easily provide Fitness App Development Solutions to the users.

Finally, you will learn about the essential features that you must include in your fitness app. Read further to know more.

10 Features That You Must Have In Your Fitness App

Here are the essential features that you must include in your fitness app. You can ask your fitness app development company to include these key features so that your app can succeed in the competitive market.

1. User profile

In this feature, user can input their personal information, such as weight, age, height, etc. so that the app will generate customized diet and workout plans.

2. Geolocation

This is the most crucial feature of the app that let users track routes for walking, running, and other similar activities. This help user to know their progress and exact location at any point during workout sessions.

3. Goal setting

Goal setting is the most vital feature from both dietary and exercise perspectives. Moreover, the user will feel motivated to achieve their goals to see regular improvements and track their fitness progress. This will help them to make an effort to achieve the goal.

4. Diaries

This feature is great for users to track their daily activities based on the app type and purpose. For example, food tracking, and integrated barcode scanners can be used for easy data input.

5. Exercise programs

Fitness apps should provide exercise programs so that user could reach their fitness goal and levels. These programs should be easy to follow and provide the user with a great workout session.

6. Nutrition tracking

This feature is great if you want to include it in your fitness application. As it offers nutrition tracking which is a great way to help users to choose better food choices and focused on their fitness goals.

7. Social sharing

With this features, user can easily share their fitness progress on social sites. Plus, user can share their fitness journey with friends and family which keep them motivated to use the fitness application.

8. Expert blog and recommendations

This feature provides exclusive content, hints, insights, and tricks from experts in full-sized video, audio files, downloaded tutorials, etc. This can be either premium or free.

9. Catalog for special programs and courses

The best feature for food recommendations and daily menu for muscle gain or weight loss. In addition, tips to improve sleep or get rid of sleep disorder, and effective 3 or 7 days workout programs.

10. Customer support

This is the most important feature of the fitness app, if users have any queries or need assistance; customer support is immediately available.

These are the essential features that you must include in your fitness application. However, these features affect the overall fitness app development cost.



If you want to know gym management software cost you can contact a fitness app development company. By going through this blog you can easily include essential features in your fitness app and successfully launch your fitness app in the market.