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Where to Buy Homemade Cakes in West London

by Nicole
Pearls and Crumbs

Pearls and Crumbs

Whether you are a veteran cake maker who loves to bake every single occasion, or a novice cake decorator looking for the perfect flavour combination, then you will find that you can only get the best from where to buy homemade cakes in West London. There are two places in particular that you should visit if you want to make your party a success. The two places are: “Pearls and Crumbs” in West Drayton and Bespoke Cakes in Hammersmith and Penge.


Homemade Cakes

If you have never purchased cakes before, then it is recommended that you spend some time searching the internet before you head to either of these stores. This will give you a better understanding of the type of cakes that are available, what ingredients go into making them, and the different types of flavours that they come in. Knowing the fundamentals will help you determine whether you actually like to bake before you go shopping. Although both of these shops sell cakes, their recipes and preparation methods are quite different. For example, you can buy homemade cakes from The Party Bakery that is more traditional; whereas Bespoke Cakes offers wedding cakes, cupcakes, individual cupcakes and mini cakes.


Homemade Cakes


Party Cake

As with anything else, you need to find what interests you when it comes to what you like to eat. You may find that the party cake at The Party Bakery appeals to you, but when it comes to making them yourself, you feel as though you have been let down by the results. There are also plenty of other cakes to choose from at the store. However, if you go there you are going to have to know exactly what you want when it comes to flavour combinations and decorations. When you buy homemade cakes in West London, you are essentially getting the same flavour combination as someone who has bought the same product at a restaurant.

Different Types of Cakes

This is where you find the different types of cakes from. You can purchase white, sponge and even banana cakes. You can also buy small square ones for parties or when taking the kids to a friend’s house. This will help you choose the perfect size and shape for the cake.


Specialty Bakeries and Companies 

If you want to find out where to buy a cake, you need to first take a look at the types available. For example, some specialty bakeries and companies will only produce certain varieties. For example, they might only make Belgian pasty. You may also want to consider how the ingredients are added. For example, some bakers will use butter and sugar while others will add eggs and vanilla.


Pearls and Crumbs


Homemade Cakes in West London

When you look at the ingredients, you have to find out where to buy homemade cakes in West London. There are going to be more options than you realize. On top of the types, you can also find out what each one is made from. Some examples include sugar, butter and cream. Once you learn about the different ingredients, you can determine what type of cake you would like to bake.


Create a Special Cake

If you plan on buying a simple cake, then you will not have much trouble finding one. These types of cakes can be purchased from most local grocery stores. You might have to ask them for the recipe so you will know what type of cake you will get. However, if you want to create a special cake, then it may take you some time to track down the recipe.


Party Cake


How to Bake other Types of Delicious Treats

For some people, making the cake is more fun than eating it. In fact, many people find it to be therapeutic. If you are one of these people, then you will enjoy learning where to buy homemade cakes in West London. Not only will you have a new cake, but you will also learn how to bake other types of delicious treats.

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