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What You Need to Know While Buying Branded Watches for Men?

What’s the basic credibility factor for watches?

Well, for starters it’s important for them to tick. But is that enough? The craftsmanship, material and design tell a lot about a watch. Starting from the historical men’s pocket watches to smartwatches, this piece of accessory demands a certain craft. The whole price tag and branding comes with the level of expertise displayed on the watch.

Today, we will discuss how to buy a branded watch for men. There are lots of variables, lots of aspects to cover. So, let’s start.

Do you need a designer watch?

Different people have different preferences when it comes to watches. You have a taste that suits your budget. So, even if you don’t have the budget for a branded Rolex, by no means an affordable designer watch will be bad.

There are brands for men’s affordable watches like Seiko, Sekonda which has a massive range of collections and great movement.

men’s affordable watches

How complicated do you want it to be?

While browsing you will notice that some watches have extra dials and hands. In the watch world, these are known as complications.

Complications can make or break your watch. These go from chronograph—the one that comes with stopwatch functionality, to GMT—that provides a fourth hand for alternative time zones preferred by the wearer.

Although smartphones are there for many of these functions, complications are a necessary part of any branded watch. The more complications there is, the pricer it gets.

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What type of straps do you like?

Straps bind the watch to your wrist and it adds so much personality to your watch. Straps go from leather to metal bracelets.

Leather watches look classy and elegant. Metal bracelets look masculine and flashy. A famous “NATO” strap was worn by Sean Connery by Esquire on Goldfinger. The straps became world-famous after being featured in the film.

Does the dial size matter?

Well yes.

There is no standard size when it comes to watches. Most have diameters ranging from 34 to 46 mm. The thickness of the dial and the strap affects how the watch looks. For someone who has slimmer wrists should wear a 34 to 44 mm size dial. It will sit better and look like you are wearing the watch and not the other way round!

For someone who has rugged hands can wear bigger dials of 44 to 46 mm.

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Does the automatic watch have better functionality than mechanical watches?

Mechanical watches have an undeniable charm. It’s not something that everybody can enjoy. So vintage watches have their own legacy but they aren’t very accurate.

However, accuracy isn’t everything. Nowadays, a quartz Sekonda men’s watch can say the time accurately. But even the most high-end automatic watches loss or gain time by 30 seconds.

Hopefully, after this article, you will be well aware of what makes a watch worth its price. Some watches command such price tags due to their status and functionality.

But it is important to note that brand isn’t everything. It is the quality, mechanics and design that defines a good watch. If you want to browse and get your hands on a good branded watch for men, visit Give and Take.