QuickBooks Keeps Crashing

What Should I Do When QuickBooks Keeps Crashing?

We are well aware of how tiresome accounting work gets. Accountants have to be subjected to a series of processes to create a correctly tallied tailored account report. Therefore, the QuickBooks application was brought into the market to cut down the workload by offering a variety of features and user-friendly techniques to deal with tons of financial work seamlessly.

However, QuickBooks keeps crashing unexpectedly while the user performs regular functions. This leads to the deletion of the essential files from the system. You can now learn how to fix this issue completely by following this blog. We have prepared this detailed blog on the factors responsible for this error and what consequences it might lead to. Well, you may as well try communicating with our professional team to get quick results.

Top Reasons Resulting in the Unexpected Closure of the QuickBooks Desktop

Amongst the various factors responsible for the unexpected closure of the QuickBooks desktop, a few of them are:

  1. If the system gets affected by viruses or any external malware agents, it will lead to unexpected problems in the system.
  2. Using an outdated version of QuickBooks desktop for a long time can make the application unsupportive in the windows operating system.
  3. If the essential source files like the company file or the program files (network file or transaction log file) become corrupted or get damaged, it may trigger various errors in the QuickBooks.
  4. As QuickBooks is an online software, it requires a stable internet connection to function efficiently. If the network keeps fluctuating continuously, it will cause errors in QuickBooks.
  5. If the user uses a faulty installation file to get the QuickBooks application, it leads to the partial installation of QuickBooks, which shuts down unexpectedly while working on it.
  6. Working on multiple reports or large reports may also trigger the sudden shutting down of QuickBooks.

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Associated Symptoms of the Unexpected Closure of QuickBooks Desktop

Along with an unexpected closure of the QuickBooks desktop, there are other signs which you may notice in your system.

  1. Interruption by unrecoverable error messages.
  2. Unable to minimize or maximize the QuickBooks window.
  3. Other features of the application also start misbehaving.
  4. Windows operating system starts showing sluggish performance.

Management Technique to Deal with Crashing of QuickBooks

To deal with the crashing of QuickBooks, we recommend you give this method a try.

Take Aid from Quick Fix Tool

  • You can find the Quick Fix my Program tool on the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • If you can’t find the Tool Hub application, click the Help tab and select QuickBooks Tool Hub to open the Tool Hub download page.
  • Download the tool from the appropriate download link and run the downloaded installer file named QuickBooksToolHub.exe to start the installation.
  • Once installed, run Tool Hub from the shortcut on your desktop.
  • Go to the Program Problems tab and select Program Quick Fixes. Wait for the Quick Fix My Program tool to fix your application problems, then try using QuickBooks again to see if this troubleshooting solution works for you.

Summing Up

QuickBooks keeps crashing and can result in major issues in business companies as it might delete essential data. The current report that the user is working on before the encounter of this issue is most likely to get deleted. Well, you can try using the Quick Fix tool by following the above-mentioned steps. Contact a QB Expert by dialing 1-855-856-0042 and get answers to your queries.

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