What Does Morganite Stone Symbolize?

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Morganite stone, also known as Pink Beryl, is the pink variety of the mineral beryl. It’s been named after famous American banker J.P. Morgan and its coloration has been attributed to irradiation from radioactive materials in the earth. In recent years, it has become popular for engagement rings and earrings since its pink color symbolizes love and understanding between two people, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to propose to someone or get your significant other something special on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.


Physical Properties

Physically, morganite is a pale pink or peach-colored gemstone. However, if light travels through it at certain angles, it turns into an attractive purplish hue. When treated in a lab and cut properly, morganite can appear in shades of green, blue and yellow as well. Like other types of onyx stone (the banded variety of chalcedony), morganite is fairly tough to scratch and works well in jewelry that’s exposed to daily wear and tear. The only catch: It may become brittle when exposed to extreme heat or cold over long periods of time.


Spiritual Properties

The unique and rare quality of morganite makes it a great stone for new beginnings, individuality, self-confidence, and self-expression. This stone can be worn to help with internal power struggles, especially in matters of sexuality. Onyx is thought to have strong healing properties on a physical level as well; it is thought to relieve stomach issues such as constipation and cramps. Physically speaking, Onyx helps stabilize your emotions while simultaneously boosting confidence and self-control. If you are having trouble figuring out what your soul wants in terms of career or love interests, putting an onyx stone around your neck can strengthen its spiritual guidance.


Astrological Influences

Due to its rarity, you may not be familiar with morganite; it’s a relatively recent gemstone discovery. The color of morganite ranges from light pinkish purple to blue-pink, but it can sometimes appear grayish or whitish when uncut. Morganites are often found alongside aquamarine crystals or onyx stones at mines in Madagascar, Mozambique and California. The stone was named after financier J.P.


Zodiac Sign it Belongs To

Capricorn, Taurus and Aquarius . The stone is said to be able to provide its wearer with mental clarity, help them become more confident in their own abilities and give them a sense of inner strength. It’s also believed that morganite can encourage patience and balance in its owner. In astrology, it’s believed that morganite helps bring peace between people who are arguing or debating. This is due to its ability to bring out a logical side in those who wear it. Its calming energy can also help reduce stress levels in those who are prone to anxiety or depression.


Love Compatibility

It is said that two people with opposing birthstones have an especially difficult time making a relationship work. In terms of love compatibility, some stones are more compatible than others, though it’s not always so cut and dry. For example, Cool gemstones like diamonds and emeralds may not be as compatible with warm gemstones like opals and topaz. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t find some shared significance between your particular cool and warm stone couples rings—it just might take a little digging to find what they are. See below for a guide to some common stones that symbolize various concepts or qualities you can use to help guide your selection process.