SaaS Marketing Challenges

What are the biggest SaaS Marketing Challenges?

In the global economy, the SaaS industry is a rapidly growing sector. Along with developing fast, it is facing a lot of challenges too. The SaaS-based problems are coiled up in a way that it is hard to identify the issues in the first go. The biggest challenge for a SaaS-based company is how to sell the software products to the right people and in the market. It is no less than a challenge to do the marketing of the intangible product. So, it is obvious to face difficulties in this cutting-edge competition.

SaaS startup companies are known to save tremendous money for big companies as these provide diverse solutions that can help the companies in progressing their ROI. Among all the issues, competing with your competitor SaaS-based companies is also a big thing.

SaaS marketing strategy

Now the time has come that SaaS companies need to change their marketing strategies. Every day, people ignore more than 20 B2B emails, and from this, it is clear that there is a need to change the marketing techniques. When SaaS marketers implement the right plans and target the right customers interested in software products, it means they have switched to the efficient way of marketing. But the already existing challenges are creating threats for SaaS companies.

Let’s understand the different SaaS marketing challenges and their solutions.

Challenge 1:

How to serve the target market and audience

It is one of the major issues, that marketers face, as they don’t understand how to market the service. There are a lot of SaaS products already available in the market, and you have to ensure that your product stands out to be the best.  Do you understand what it means? It means the market is already oversoaked with millions of things, and competition has increased a lot. As a result, many businesses are failing. The other reason behind the business failure is that they are not solving a problem, just trying to sell the product. Your product must be different and problem-solving that can stand out in the crowd.

Challenge 2:

Loyal Customer Database

In the SaaS business, users usually renew their subscriptions now and then. However, with this acquiring new customers is also a priority. What drives a business to success? Customer retention is the key to driving business and profit because even a 5% increase in customer retention can increase the profit by 125%. Above all, the hard reality is, SaaS companies are offering almost the likewise solutions, so there are high chances of customers jumping towards your competitors.

A SaaS marketer increases customer retention via below mentioned ways.

  1. Showcase the value of your product
  2. Educate about your product.
  3. Engage your customers
  4. Offer different custom solutions.

These practices help in reducing customer churn rates.

Challenge 3:

Content marketing

With digital and content marketing at its peak today, businesses use content marketing techniques to attract the target audience. It is where SaaS marketing lags. Most of the SaaS channels focus only on selling and acquiring customers. Around 80-84 % of consumers expect to read the content before going further. As a digital marketer, you must feature content to get abundant leads because an attractive online presence and eye-catchy content can help in putting the visitors to your sales funnel. The content coupled with other marketing practices like SEO techniques, PPC can increase your business leads and push more traffic to your site.


Challenge 4:

SaaS product trials

Marketing intangible products mean facing new challenges. You have to show how your product can solve human problems.  Unlike a product, the consumers here are not able to pick up the product or try it. How will you find if the customer likes your product? You can do this by giving the product solution into their hands for trial purposes. This practice of allowing your customers to try our product or services is an integral part of the purchasing process. B2B SaaS companies can overcome some challenges by allowing the customers to take the trial of the software. With this, there are high chances of the consumers to buy SaaS for resolving their issues.

SaaS marketing and reviews

Getting embracing reviews on your website regarding your SaaS product throws a positive impact on users and target audience. This is a smart marketing practice as customers tend to believe more in reviews, word of mouth, etc, Incorporating this is a smart marketing strategy because the client reviews are valuable which can help companies to run a campaign that revolves around the positive feedback of the SaaS products.

Final Thoughts

Businesses suffer from many ups and downs, and undoubtedly, business definitely encounters small and big SaaS marketing challenges. However, all the challenges and their lesson cover the most crucial point i.e., aligning with your customers. Attracting your target audience may take time, but the right approach and strategies discussed above can help you overcome the challenges. In a nutshell, being successful in reaching out to your customers and understanding their needs is the best way to overcome further challenges.