setting up a business in Dubai.

Ways In Which You Can Establish A New Business In Dubai Without A Physical Office

Dubai is the closest place for doing business activities in the Middle East. As a result, plenty of firms and organisations plan for setting up a business in Dubai. It is not possible to own an asset or property at some point in time. Therefore people choose to rent their establishment in Dubai. The main advantage is that the person is free from the trouble of retaining the ownership of the office space. In most developed countries and significant metros worldwide, co-working spaces and rented offices are rented for conducting business operations.

The business activities conducted in Dubai and the other parts of the Middle East must have a physical establishment such as an office. If any person likes to rent office space, some agreement must be made and may require approvals.

After choosing an office space, you need to arrange the money for booking the area. However, you need not secure the office until all the documents are prepared. You can hire a real estate agent for making all the necessary paperwork to draft the rent contract. Everything must be mentioned in the final lease agreement and must be duly signed by both parties.

Provides Convenience

Being an office owner means renting office space, furniture for the office, technological support like internet connectivity and telephone line connection and finally the electricity. On the contrary, you can easily rent a co-working space and all the features like furniture, fittings, internet service often plug and play.

Choice of Location

Taking office on rent is a cost-effective option for any business owner. This is important for any Mainland company setup in Dubai so that their customers can easily navigate them. Choosing the ideal location for office set-up empowers you and gives easy access to both your customer and employees.

Flexibility to Shift Workspace.

When you expand your business, there will be a need for more human resources, which means you will need sufficient office space. Moving into a large office is compulsory if you’re thinking of expanding your business infrastructure. On the other hand, it is difficult to shift to a larger office if you own an office space. But the rental office gives you the flexibility to change into a more considerable infrastructure when required.

Business Capital

Office space is an essential space property of the company, which requires frequent maintenance investment. But when you are renting a co-working space, you are saving a lot of money instead of spending the capital for office maintenance.

Document Required For Rental Office for Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Some of the essential paperwork needed for renting an office in Dubai is described below:

  • Copy of tenancy contract
  • Copy of Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Copy of deed title

What Is the Cost of a Rental Office in the UAE?

In the UAE, you will find many business spaces. Setting up the business facility in the outskirts is relatively cheaper than the built-in central business centres. Based on the facilities and location of the office that you want to rent, it may cost you about from AED 70,000 to AED 60,000 every year.

How to Start a New Business in Mainland Dubai without Having Any Office Setup

To do business affairs in UAE, you need to possess a valid business license, whether you are a local or foreign investor. Doing business without a proper trade license under UAE jurisdiction is considered a criminal offense. If you want to establish a business without an office setup, you can try one of these routes.

Make a Home Business:

Establishing a home-based business is not an illegal act in the UAE. It is nowadays popular, but you must register your business and should avail a valid business license. The Dubai government officials are making an effort to line up the new entrepreneurs and the business affairs which occur virtually and on social networking sites within the UAE jurisdiction. The processing of license is done electronically, and the process also assists business owners in expanding their business infrastructure and margin of profit. Having a DED trade license means you are doing the business legally, which helps you to gain confidence and trust among the customer and ensure that you have all economic and business rights. The registration fee is paid annually, and the business license is renewed after the expiry date.

It is crucial to note that there are many rules and regulations or limitations on what you can trade on a virtual platform with the help of a trader license. UAE and GCC national entrepreneurs can do commercial business, meaning they can trade in goods and provide service to people in social media.

However, the same rule may not be applicable for expects. They may not sell all the goods and services on social media. It depends on the nationality. Non-GCC expats can be involved in maintenance, event management, and repair and photography services. When registering the license, you can figure out what you can sell or not.

Plan a Free Zone business:

The free zone places in Dubai facilitate business licenses without the need for any physical office space. So the business owner can use this facility in their own way. But there are some limitations about the number of visas which the concerned department can offer. However, it should not affect you if you decide to appoint anyone and are determined to run the business individually or work with only 5 to 7 employees. Therefore, there is no requirement for office space. However, if you appoint more employees, you will need to rent a co-working space for accommodating the employees, in the respective free zone.

It is crucial to understand that. Your service is confined within the free zone region but can provide the service or products directly into the mainland region with a free zone license. This is somewhat a limitation of the free zone business license.

At Dubai Business Setup, you can get all the information needed for setting up a physical office in the free zone area. Their staff will arrange office spaces for you suitable for your business requirements. With them, you can rest assured that you will successfully establish your Business Setup in Dubai Mainland.