QuickBooks Desktop Error PS036

Want to troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop Error PS036?

To update your Payroll tax table, you need to have an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription. Payroll keeps track of paycheck, its management, and calculation. Nonetheless, updating payroll can lead to error codes such as Error PS033, Error PS107, etc., making updatingan arduous task. So, if you are facing any problem in having your payroll subscription verified,the QuickBooks Desktop Error PS036 gets in the way while updating the payroll to the tax table of the latest version.

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Why does the Error PS036 show up?

There can be myriad reasons for having this error emerge. First, let us count on them one by one, and later, pick them out using troubleshooting methods.

  1. One fundamental reason is payroll subscriptions being inactive.
  2. Outdated QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Having more than one active payroll agreement with the inactive Direct Deposit agreement.
  4. The Data is damaged or corrupted.
  5. Incorrect PSID or EIN in the company file.
  6. Windows incompatibility.

These causes can be omitted by undertaking the prescribed troubleshooting.

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Troubleshooting methods for Error PS036

Because we are using the QuickBooks Desktop application, we need to ensure it is the latest update, and the same goes with the tax table. Follow the given steps to update:

1.Download the newest QuickBooks release

It is recommended to set the QuickBooks update to automatic mode so that you don’t need to do it manuallyevery time.

  1. Select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option from the Help menu.
  2. Tap on the Update Now tab. If you have not updated it in a long time,select the Reset
  3. Update checkbox to clear the previous updates.
  4. Click on the Get Updates option for the downloadto start.
  5. Restart QuickBooks when the download is 100% complete and install the new release.

2. Download the latest Tax table

Make the tax table work smoothly and run up to date by updating it timely. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Select Get Payroll Updates from the Employees menu.
  2. Click on the Download Entire Update checkbox and Select Download Latest Update. When the download is complete, you’ll get the message.

The updated versions of QuickBooks Desktop and the tax table will treat the error. If that doesn’t help, try step 3.

3.Check the Desktop Payroll subscription.

Without an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription,you’ll be unable to update the payroll.So, verify it by:

  1. Opening the Payroll Account Management portal. Then close the page.
  2. Now you need to Reboot your computer.
  3. Again,download the updated payroll and run the QuickBooks Desktop Update.

After following steps 1,2, and 3, the QuickBooks Error PS036 will be resolved by you. If you are still getting the problem, attempt performing a clean install of QuickBooks in Selective Startup mode.Although, if you are running the direct deposit — do not follow these steps, and get in touch with us.

In the blog, we explained the QuickBooks Desktop Error PS036, the causes of the error, and how to get it fixed. Following these steps willabolish the error, and you’ll be able to download the payroll update. If the ways mentioned above do not work out, then call on the available 1-855-948-3646 put forth by Payroll Customer Service to have your queries resolved.

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